RACE gene and physical characteristics


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Hello friends.

Continuing our research in the genetic laboratory of the project, we came across interesting features of some unicorn genes. Some mechanisms of manifestation are very similar to epigenetic mechanisms in humans and other living beings in our reality. Let me reveal a little more of the secret knowledge of what we have found, so that would be easier for you to study your pets. So...

There are five genes:
  • STRNG — is responsible for the Strength of the unicorn.
  • AGLTY — is responsible for the Agility of the unicorn.
  • SPEED — is responsible for the Speed of the unicorn.
  • INTLC — is responsible for the Intelligence of the unicorn.
  • CHARM — is responsible for Charm unicorn.
In other words, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the genes and the corresponding physical characteristics that affect the chances of a unicorn's victory in various competitions. Each gene can ideally take values from 0 to 255. But in reality of unicorns this do not happen. After numerous empirical experiments, we found that in different races various genes of physical characteristics take values from different intervals. Each race has one predominant physical characteristic, one higher than usual, and the other three are usual. It looks like this:
  • The gene of the predominant physical characteristic can take on a value from the interval [1; 204].
  • The gene of the higher than usual physical characteristic can take on a value from the interval [1; 170].
  • The gene of the usual physical characteristic can take a value from the interval [1; 146].
For example, if the RACE gene is 0, then the Strength is the predominant physical characteristic, and Agility is higher than usual and the rest are reduced. For RACE = 14, Intellect is the predominant characteristic, and Speed is the higher than usual. And so on. In total, there can be 20 combinations, so there are exactly 20 races of Unicorns. It is a pair of physical characteristics which visually determine the race, although the internal genetic mechanisms act in the opposite direction — from the RACE gene to the intervals of determining the genes of physical characteristics.

It's all so complicated...