CryptoKitties review


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In December 2017, Ethereum learned that it can also be used by kitties. On the blockbuster Ethereum CryptoKitties game was launched.

The idea is the same as that of cards with Pokemons in 2000s. And if you dig a little more, you can find that the creators of CryptoKitties stole the idea from the authors of Tamagotchi.

In the CryptoKitties game you need to buy kitties, upgrade them and sell to those who do not mind buying digital animals for money. The prices are envied by the owners of "real" cats, who win at the world exhibitions. For example, the first cryptokitty was sold for 247 ETH (118 thousand dollars). And in December 2017 CryptoKitties users bought kitties for more than 2.6 million dollars.

Is it worth it to spend such money on a digital picture when there are millions of free kitties in the world? No one will answer this question.

However, you can buy a kitty for 30-40 rubles. This, probably, will suit for those who are so tired of their pets that they want to forget about them and play a computer game.

By the way, cats in CryptoKitties differ from each other. Each animal has a 256-digit genome, in which its unique attributes are encrypted. Moreover, cats have parents from whom they inherit certain traits.

There are no unique cats' features in CryptoKitties. The community itself decides what characteristics of cats are unique. For example, cats with gold color are more expensive than others. Although they are not rarer than animals of other colors.

When the CryptoKitties project just started, users could buy kittens. But now you can get a new animal only by breeding. And the owner of the "male" cat must pay to someone who has a "female".

After the new cat is born, it is impossible to change its characteristics. The only exception is the name. Some users have gone so far as to advertise cat's characteristics in its name. For example, CryptoKitties has a cat with the nickname "Peach Gold Whixten Swift Gen 3".
Because of this game, I can not send money through Ethereum for two hours already. Transactions are not going through, and the end is not visible. I, of course, thought that cats are capable of capturing the world, but that they will do in such way, I did not believe.


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"And the owner of the cat must pay to someone who has a cat" - does remind an example from real life, doesn't it? After all, humans often do the same.


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The cat on CryptiKitties costs 118 thousand dollars? Really? If I had such a cat, I, perhaps, would never have married.


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Calling your cat Peach Gold Whixten Swift Gen 3 is, of course, a little "too much". I'm curious, but if this person had a real pet, would he call it the same?


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My cat found out that I exchanged it for a one-dollar cryptopicture. I wish I did not do it ... He tore the sofa, sprinkled Whiskas and ran off to neighbor cats for a week. Well, at least i got some rest.