News from UnicornGo – March 31, 2018


Staff member
Hi everybody,

Here is our short news for today, March 31, 2018:

• Сurrently, on the marketplace (test page) we already have filters such as Buy and Pair. Also, there are filters by unicorn features on unicorn’s overview page; meanwhile, all of these is present on a test page though; after the launch you will see this in the game;

• Today we’ll finally test our smart-contracts and decide upon price for land, breeding etc.;

• We continue sending CandyCoins as part of our airdrop promotion;

• Worked on the share function;

• Have created a separate page for each unicorn (test page);

• Worked on the layout of new windows – for Buy, Sell and Revoke;

• Added some amendments to the forum design; worked on tooltips for unicorn pages;

• Tested the breeding process.

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