10 genes of appearance


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So, we continue. We have a unicorn, he has a bunch of different parts of the body. Why do they look like this, and not otherwise? Let's look into this matter...

As you understand, this is all genetics. In all there are 10 genes of appearance. We list them:
  1. WNGFRM is the form of the wings.
  2. HRNFRM is the form of the horn.
  3. HAIFRM is the form of the hair.
  4. TAIFRM is the form of the tail.
  5. STNFRM is the form of the gem in the chest.
  6. BDYFRM is the form of the body, general constitution.
  7. HOOFRM is the form of the hooves.
  8. HEDFRM is the form of the head.
  9. EARFRM is the form of the ears.
  10. EYEFRM is the form of the eyes.
Based on the results of our studies in the genetic laboratory of the project, it was found that all these genes, as expected, take their values in the range from 0 to 255, the principle of dominance between alleles is general. For each gene there are five variations of the shape of the corresponding part of the body. I would not like to give here all 50 variants, they can be seen on demo.unicorngo.io, of course. But if the community expresses the wish, I will provide information on what we have accumulated.

Genes do not depend on each other, but it seems that there is a dependence on the value of the RACE gene. There is an opinion that each race also has preferred body forms, but so far this is inaccurate. We continue our research...