My opinion about the game CryptoPets


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Recently, another blockchain game, where you can get a digital pet and upgrade it, has been announced. It's called CryptoPets.

According to the information on the Internet. there will be 5 animal species on CryptoPets:

  • dogs (ordinary animals);
  • elephant turtles (animals under threat);
  • giant pandas (animals under threat of extinction);
  • dinosaurs (endangered animals);
  • unicorns (mythical animals).

Every player who will enter the CryptoPets WhiteList will receive an egg from which the animal will hatch. The egg is not free: you have to pay 0.02 ETH for it. An animal of any kind can hatch from an egg.

According to information, available on the Web the value of different animals and the probability of them hatching from the egg will be as follows:
  • dogs: the probability is 55%, the market value is 0.01 ETH;
  • elephant turtles: the probability is 33%, the market value is 0.05 ETH;
  • giant pandas: the probability is 10%, the market value is 0.15 ETH;
  • dinosaurs: the probability is 1.95%, the market value is 1 ETH;
  • unicorns: probability - 0.05%, the price on the market - 2 ETH.

As you can see, 55% of participants immediately lose half of their investments. This can not be called the best start for the participant. And this is the big problem with CryptoPets.

All of the above is according to project’s White Paper that was available earlier on CryptoPets site. Now, only a subscription form remains on the site. Probably, some positive changes will happen soon. Nevertheless, according to available information, CryptoPets graphics is lackluster, and economics is terrifying.

The “old” White Paper says, that CryptoPets users will be able to take part in tournaments between pets. To do this, they must use water cannons. The higher the level of the water cannon is, the greater the chance of winning. In general, tournaments for pets does not seem to be the best part of CryptoPets - they virtually won’t help upgrading pets.

CryptoPets does not cope well with the platform scaling problem either. The game attracted some interest from investors, even though it is completely unprofitable to invest money in.

Due to the fact that the scaling problem was not solved at the CryptoPets release, the developers were forced to suspend pets breeding. This, of course, affected game's reputation not in the best way - no one wants to participate in a project that can not cope even with the first peak of popularity.

CryptoPets project is not launched yet. It is only possible to sign up for newsfeed. We’ll see, maybe something will change for good after the game’s release.


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I wanted to compare CryptoPets and UnicornGo and choose the best game. I do not fully understand technical aspects yet, but the graphics of UnicornGo is clearly better. I much prefer UnicornGo's beautiful unicorns, than CryptoPets' ugly monsters (concept arts are on the Web), which creators for some reason named "animals". Just take a look:
UnicornGo.jpg CryptoPets.png
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I heard about the new cryptogame CryptoPets from friends, decided to try it. But I couldn’t! They didn’t even publish White Paper! And how do they plan to attract players?


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It seemed to me that CryptoPets is another project that wants to get as much money from players as possible. Of course, they donate 20% of the profits to protect wild animals. However, with such prices for pets (1-2 ethers!), It seems to me that they could single-handedly save all the animals of the world.
I compared two games, UnicornGo and CryptoPets. In CryptoPets, I could not even register, and in UnicornGo I created exactly the animal I needed! And it looks beautiful. So I'm staying with UnicornGo.
Do not you think that those who get unicorns from eggs will get an unreasonable advantage? After all, they will not sell them until the price of these animals skyrockets. And a lot of players who want to give everything, just to achieve success in CryptoPets, will pay 100-200 ETH for these animals. I think that it's not fair, and I'm not going to play such a game.