Pandarium review


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The community has already CryptoKitties and CryptoDoggies. But pandas were not there yet. Developers of the Pandarium game decided to correct this deficiency.

They created a game with cryptopandas. These animals do look rather cute by the way, but it's hard to call them "graphics masterpieces".

However, not everyone is concerned with design. Let's talk about the game's concept.

The main thing that a panda should be able to do in Pandarium is to dance. Animals fight each other not in a brawl, but on a dance floor. Quite a peace-loving option for those who do not tolerate wars and violent conflicts. And, frankly, it's hard to imagine pandas fighting.

Everyone who gets into the Pandarium WhiteList will get a panda with a "gene 0". This is the "basic" version of an animal. All attributes (and there 12 of them - from muzzle form to body colors), will have a minimum value of "1".

How can they be improved? The fastest and easiest way to do this is breeding. The better the panda with which the animal with "gene 0" will be mated is, the higher "quality" of their offspring will be.

And here we come to one of the Pandarium project's main problems. The fact is that in the first months after the Pandarium's launch, pandas with "gene 0" will be able to mate only with each other or with animals that have "gene X". These are the so-called "founding fathers" of Pandarium, which will have good stats in every attribute. Such pandas can be obtained only on the Pandarium's private Pre-Sale, there will be only 4096 pandas with "gene X".

Because of this, those players who invest the most money in the project, will have huge starting advantage. In the modern economy this, of course, does not surprise anyone. But will the game, whose developers aim firstly on quick profits, gain wide popularity is a big question.

Pandas can learn 12 differnrent dances. You can always look in the "Dance Matrix" which dance suits your animal better. For example, a panda whose best parameters are "eye color" and "pattern 1 color" is most suited for hip-hop.

By the way, it is not quite clear what the "pattern color 1", "pattern color 2", "pattern shape 1" and "pattern shape 2" mean. These names look ridiculous. Of course, it is not a major Pandarium's drawback. But the developers could spend a little more time and bother themselves with proper names for panda's stats.

While the platform Pandarium is not launched yet, it's hard to talk about the gameplay and other game properties. Beta-test starts in mid-April, and then it will be possible to evaluate the graphics of Pandarium in detail. In the meantime, it's obvious that the project has both advantages and disadvantages.


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It is still impossible to evaluate the graphics, because the platform is in the alpha-test only. But for those images that I saw on the web, the UnicornGo graphics is better, and I like unicorns more.


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Everyone talks about a new Pandarium project. I also decided to look at it. I read White Paper and haven't understand how users will be able to receive revenue. It is only said that Pandarium adheres to the "Scandinavian model" (the owner sets the final price for the panda and that's it). I would like to have more opportunities, as, for example, in UnicornGo, where you're immediately told about the opportunity to sell land or a unicorn and receive money.
I think that Pandarium will be interesting only for those who missed the CryptoKitties mania and never before heard of crypto-animals. I do not understand how such a project can be of interest to those who have already tried CryptoKitties or its "clones". After all, the essence of the game in Pandarium is to buy a panda, wait until it mates with other pandas, get another animal and hope that it will win some tournament. What is the point of this game is not entirely clear.