EtherArmy Review


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EtherArmy is another cryptogame released on Ethereum blockchain. Developers decided to introduce an element of novelty, and to make a military game on blockchain. On EtherArmy you can sell and buy tanks and ships. Of course it's very, very far away from WarThunder...

The game features several types of military equipment. It is clear that there is no need to give birth to it (fortunately), unlike CryptoKitties. However, ships and tanks, like animals, are not in their best condition "out of the box". Just as cryptoanimals need to be grown up, so that they can successfully participate in battles, cryptotanks and cryptoships need to be constantly upgraded.

The importance of graphics for online games (even if the game is based on blockchain) is difficult to overestimate. If the graphics is poor, then gamers will lose interest quickly. After all, today there are many beautiful games that offer detailed images of even very complex objects.

And EtherArmy - clearly not the game that will appeal to "graphics fans". Take a look at the images of tanks and ships that are used in the game:

It seems that they will satisfy only the most unpretentious users. Ships are quite difficult to tell apart. And only an attentive player will see the difference. And, obviously, there is no point talking about correspondence of images to real tanks and ships.

However, that's not all of it.

EtherArmy's developers declare that the prices for tanks will constantly grow (well, this one corresponds to real tanks). Will it be so or not, only the time will tell. So far, players have noted that the vehicles' prices can both grow and fall.

Immediately after the appearance of EtherArmy a debate began to grow in the community about the fact that this game is just another "Ponzi scheme". EtherArmy assumes that the cost of tanks and ships will only increase with time. It seems that this was done specifically to ensure that the creators and the first EtherArmy players will get profit. And those who decide to register after them will not be so lucky - they will buy the equipment at a high price and will not be able to play long enough, because the project can be closed according to "Ponzi scheme classics".
The EtherArmy's graphics is really crappy. Some cheap, blurred models with three polygons each. UnicornGo is another deal: Unicorns are stylish and beautiful. And I don't even talk of animations quality.


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I agree that EtherArmy can be a "Ponzi scheme". After all, when the developers began to create a game, they called it EtherTanks, and there were only tanks. Then the project was renamed EtherArmy and they added ships. It seems to me that such instability is clearly not suitable for projects that want to exist for a long time and gain some trust.
I believe that projects such as EtherArmy are harmful to the entire cryptocommunity. After all, people believe in them and invest their ETH in such projects. But developers do not want to invest this ether in their product development - they are scammers who want to get quick money and dissapear. Gathering a bunch of ETH, they throw them into the market, causing rate's fall. The trust in cryptocurrency is falling, and its popularity too. Do not invest in EtherArmy!


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For the sake of interest, I watched prices for tanks in EtherArmy and found that they were falling. But the game developers say that's impossible! Does this mean that the EtherArmy Ponzi scheme is on terminal stage?


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On their site they require to install additional extensions to run the game, and without them nothing is available. Well, who is interested in playing this? The site itself looks as it's from the 2000s, i can't trust it.