Fishbank Review


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I continue to review the blocking games, and today in my field of vision came the project Fishbank - another game, the prototype for which became known to all as CryptoKitties. In Fishbank, players grow fish, take part with them in battles and, if they are lucky, get bigger fish.

Fish can be obtained in several ways: bought on the market; caught in aquarium; received as a gift from a friend.

Each fish has four attributes:

  • weight;
  • strength;
  • agility;
  • speed.

The fish is given a certain number of points in each attribute. The points the fish has, the it costs on the market. For example, a fish with weight of 24, strenght of 4, agility of 2 and speed of 3 costs 0.01 ETH.

There are five "ranks" of fish on the Fishbank:

  • common;
  • rare;
  • epic;
  • legendary;
  • the best legendary.

The "category" of the fish refers is determined by the values of "Strength" and "Agility":

  • 1 to 20 - common;
  • 21 to 50 - rare;
  • 51 to 85 - epic;
  • 86 to 115 - legendary;
  • 116 to 150 - the best legendary.

Since you can play with fish of the common "ranks" and not achieve success for a very long time, every player wants to immediately get at least epic fish, and even better - legendary. You can do this and do not spend a lot of money with the help of aquarium.

The cost of one fishing in the Fishbank aquarium is 0.03 ETH. The probability of catching fish of different "ranks" is as follows:

  • rare - 1: 5;
  • epic - 1:50;
  • legendary - 1: 500;
  • the best legendary 1: 1,000,000.

In all other cases, you will catch common fish. The probability of such an outcome is about 77.5%.

So, fishing in an aquarium is not very profitable. After all, in 77.5% of cases, you will catch fish that costs 0.01-0.02 ETH. Although you will pay 0.03 ETH. And buying on the market is a bit expensive.

In terms of graphics, Fishbank is inferior to many blockchain projects. The site is colorful but it feels that imagination of artists has ended on this. Fishes are painted rather roughly, and the combination of colors used is tiresome for eyes:

In general, the Fishbank project is better than most competitors. However, Fishbank lags behind from such games as UnicornGo, and quite seriously.


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I don't like Fishbank primarily because I can not buy good fish. I would like to buy an electric eel, but as you can see, it (like all other good fish) has already been sold:

I have to play with weak fish, and I constantly lose. And the aquarium is useless: I tried it several times, and I always got "common" fish.
I did not played game for a week and almost all my fish died, and those who survived seriously lost weight! I think the developers need to make some kind of "fish storage" so I can put them there and not worry about their safety. Cause for now the winner is the one who sits at the computer all the time, and the rest can not play normally.


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Well, the game is not bad, but I had to create a MetaMask purse to replenish the game account. Why developers don't use more convenient wallets? It seems to me that there would be more players if they did.
I wanted to earn money selling fish on the Fishbank market. And at first I even succeeded: I was lucky, I won some battles, and the fish were upgrading. Then I decided to go to the market and found out that with for transaction Fishbank takes a fee of 4.5%! After that, the desire to make money on Fishbank disappeared somehow.


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In the 21st century, I want more detailed graphics than Fishbank offers. For example, in UnicornGo unicorns are beautiful! And when I play Fishbank, I get the feeling that this game is at least 4-6 year olds. There are a lot of bright colors that only hinder, and there are nothing more - it looks that they saved a lot of money on visuals. photo_2018-02-23_18-25-35.jpg