SubPrime Crypto review


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For a while only games with seals, other animals or some kind of equipment were created on the blockchain. But developers of Subprime Crypto felt that the time has come for blockсhain-based real estate trading game.

Subprime Crypto is a game where every user can sell or buy real estate. Virtual, of course: You can buy pictures of various houses and buildings. However, as practice shows, they also have some value. After all, people do invest their money in such games.

A new player can get real estate on SubPrime Crypto in two ways: To buy a house from other users or to build your own building. In the first case, it is enough to replenish Subprime Crypto account with required amount of ether. If you decide to build your house, then you can draw it yourself, but you will have to spend money on construction materials.

Most players choose the first option. It is understandable: You can buy quite a nice house that will bring many fame points, for 0.2-0.25 ETH. It will have more or less decent look:

There is also an opportunity to buy a barn like that - it is 5 times cheaper:

There are also houses, the builders of which, apparently, did not bother about the looks whatsoever:

Well, it's cheap and affordable for everyone.

After buying a house, you can burn it. What for? To get insurance. In not entirely realistic, of course - in real life, no insurance company compensates for damage, if it proves that it was you who you set fire to your house.

However, in Subprime Crypto not everyone can get insurance. With 50% chance the house turns into ashes, and there is no compensation.

We decided to try and get compensation from the insurance company. Lighted a match, brought to the house and went to a safe distance.

We weren't lucky:

Of course, you can also try to sell a pile of ashes. But who needs it?

In general, Subprime Crypto is not a bad model of the current situation on the real estate market. The main thing here, as always is to buy low, sell high. It is not very difficult to do this.

But there are some issues with the graphics. Houses are only in 2D, although in 2018 I would like to see 3D-models. And the prospects for the project are vague: it will exist until virtual homes prices fall. Of course, it will inevitably happen. The idea of the game is not clear to me personally: it's hard to make money on it, and there's really nothing good in terms of visual. The gameplay does not look interesting either.


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I decided to buy a house in Subprime Crypto, but for some reason bought ... a car:

It is strange that there are 0 bedrooms and no baths. How can it be?
And the game requires installing additional extensions to run. I think with this graphics you could do without them.


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The game is strange to say the least. There is no gameplay, no graphics - I cannot consider "MS Paint pictures" as such. And they want a crapton of money for this. You can not compare this with unicorns even in pictures quality, let alone in gameplay. It can be seen which game was created just to get some money and which one has soul in it, just compare these screenshots:



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I looked, what houses are sold in Subprime Crypto and decided to create my own building. However, I will have to give 1 ETH just to start construction! Where else can it be that a ready-made house is 3-4 times cheaper than building one by yourself?
Who does not have enough money for real estate, register in Subprime Crypto immediately! Our whole life is virtual now, maybe a digital house will come in handy))))


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I read that as soon as the full-scale beta testing of Subprime Crypto starts, the "Mortgage" mode will appear in the game. I missed something or even the images of houses are so expensive now that they can not be bought without a loan for 10-20 years, which takes half of your salary?