In-game Crypto Asset - Land (Unicorn Land Token)

Alexey S UnicornGO

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A new in-game asset, Unicorn Land Token (Land), has already been deployed into the main Ethereum network.


To see if you have this token in your wallet, please use the following address: 0x48fc077618662a07e15815fb7afbfbf2a7ee560a

адрес контракта.png

There is limitation on how many plots of land a user can possess depending on his/her title: in order to possess some plots of land, you need to have the corresponding title (titles are bought gradually with CandyCoins):


Plots of land are the only means of production of the in-game asset MegaCandy.

The unicorns utilize MegaCandy to be able to breed more often and join battles.

You can buy Land here:
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