CryptoPunks review


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CryptoPunks is a blockchain game based on Ethereum, where you can sell and buy "cryptopunks".

CryptoPunks are images of different people and animals (there are not many of them, but they are - for example, a monkey). Each cryptopunk is unique and different from the another. One has long dreadlocks, other - black hair, another one smokes, and someone wears a huge hat.

In total, there are 10,000 cryptopunks in the game. They were released once at the start of the project, and new faces will not appear. Those who found out about the project before others, managed to get cryptopunk for free. But now it's not possible to do so: faces are only available for money.

On average, 2-3 cryptopunks are sold every hour. You can use only ether for purchase. The average cost is 0.15-0.2 ETH per cryptopunk.

Developers of CryptoPunks are proud of the fact that the project is fully in line with the spirit of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain. 10 thousand cryptopunks is the maximum that can ever be on the platform. Other people will not appear here, and outsiders will not be able to interfere with the project. Consequently, cryptopunks' value can only increase over time.

The creators of CryptoPunks ambitiously compare their project with Bitcoin itself. They believe that CryptoPunks, like Bitcoin, makes financial transactions in such a way that all users can trust it.

But what is the value of cryptopunk? After studying WhitePaper and the project's site, I did not understand with what CryptoPunks developers want to interest users. If you compare it with bitcoin, then the latter has a clear advantage - valuable tokens, which can be transmitted instantly and anonymously.

And if CryptoPunks is a game, then where is the gameplay? Where are at least battles between cryptopunks, in which you can identify the best and pick up the loot?

There are no such things on CryptoPunks platform. The game, probably, will be interesting only for those who collected chips 15-20 years ago, and 40-50 years ago - collected postage stamps. Like these items, cryptopunks can only be interesting as collectibles. But, it is unclear whether this is relevant now.


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CryptoPunks - probably the worst game I've ever seen. I thought that my cryptopunk, which I bought for 0.3 ETH and which has a cool beard, will beat everyone in some kind of tournament! But it turned out that there are no such tournaments at all. And I still have a picture that I do not know what to do with.


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When I was in school in the 90s at computer science lessons we played MS-DOS games. I remembered this when I saw faces in CryptoPunks. Look at them -they look exactly as games in my childhood:



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And after all, someone buys cryptopunks, and even pays 70-80 dollars for them! I wonder what will theydo with these pictures, when they realize that they do not have any value at all?


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How much do you think these faces will cost in 2-3 years? At first glance it seems that if there are only 10,000 of them, and there are more participants in the cryptocommunityr, cryptopunks will be of value. But in fact, are there so many people ready to collect such crappy images? I think that as soon as they are all sold out - the participants will have their pictures, and developers will sail into the sunset on the yacht with their money.
It seems that CryptoPunks is another fraudulent project, which they decided to launch "on the trails" of CryptoKitties. I do not understand the value of these cryptopunks. Can developers of CryptoPunks explain me what the point of their project is, otherwise I'll tell everyone about the next Ponzi scheme.