CryptoPuppies review


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Dogs and cats are the most popular pets. And it is not surprising that one of the first cryptogames after CryptoKitties became CryptoPuppies - "cryptodoggies".

The game's concept is exactly the same as that of CryptoKitties. The player has to get a puppy, develop it and either sell it, or take part in games with it and defeat opponents. CryptoPuppies did not offer anything new in this respect.

The first 15 thousand puppies are distributed through auction. Every 45 minutes one puppy is sold. He goes to the one who offers the largest amount of ether.

New puppies can also be obtained through breeding. New animal's stats depend on the parameters of its parents.

In total, doggies on CryptoPuppies have four attributes:

  • strength - the better is the animal's strength, the more weight it can move;
  • agility - the higher is the animal's agility, the better the it copes with the obstacles;
  • intelligence - the smarter the animal, the faster and better it executes commands;
  • speed - puppies with high speed execute commands and generally move faster.

Each attribute is estimated in points from 1 to 100.

Attributes of the animal matter when it takes part in games. CryptoPuppies offers four kinds of games:

  • Agility (based on agility attribute);
  • PuppyBowl (strength);
  • Comformation Show (intelligence);
  • Musical Canine Freestyle (speed).

In each game, one attribute is the decisive one while others almost do not affect the result.

At the moment none of the four games on CryptoPuppies is available. Users have to upgrade their puppies and hope that they will be able to sell the animals on MarketPlace.

Depending on their attributes, puppies can belong to one of the seven rarity categories:

  • common (0-19);
  • uncommon (20-34);
  • rare (35-49);
  • mythical (50-74);
  • immortal (75-89);
  • legendary (90-99);
  • ancient (100).

To figure out which category the puppy belongs to, you need to calculate the average of its original characteristics.

The game leave quite good impression, but there are drawbacks. For example, developers report that each dog is unique and has a unique set of genes. But they all are very similar in appearance:

Puppies have different colors at best.

The CryptoPuppies project has not been fully launched yet - the games are not available, and there is no possibility to "upgrade" the pets. We'll see what happens when all the functions become available on CryptoPuppies.
Such projects as CryptoPuppies, it seems to me, have already outlived themselves. Those who are really interested in playing cryptogames will prefer CryptoKitties - there is a lot of hype around it. And CryptoPuppies - just another "clone" of CryptoKitties.


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I do not like the design of puppies. I played UnicornGo, and unicorns there look much better. Developers could pay more attention to this aspect.


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There are no activity on the CryptoPuppies site. More than 100 puppies are on sale, and nobody buys them! I do not think that the project will "skyrocket".


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The site CryptoPuppies was launched in 2017, and you can not play with cryptopuppies yet. Developers forgot about their project?