CryptoFighters review


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A huge list of blockchain-based games was supplemented by another project in January 2018. The CryptoFighters platform was created.

As the name implies, the game is based on battles and fights. The goal of the player in CryptoFighters is to assemble the most powerful army, to compete with other players and win. In case of victory, the user will get new units, which can be used in subsequent battles.

CryptoFighters races:

  • orcs;
  • female warriors (Half-Elf);
  • succubus;
  • mages.

There are also generals - leaders of the army. Their number is limited to 15,000 units and they are only available to early CryptoFighters users. However, you can win general or any other unit in battle or buy on MarketPlace.

Each fish has four attributes:

  • strength - orcs, which are resistant to enemy strikes, are the strongest;
  • dexterity - female warriors are better in evading blows than other warriors, and orcs virtually cannot dodge;
  • vitality - the better this parameter is, the longer the warrior lives after receiving a blow;
  • luck - as in other games, CryptoFighters has an element of luck in it.

Taking part in combat, units gain experience. The more experience a warrior has, the more skillfully he applies his skills and abilities.

The battle's result is determined by seven factors:

  • team size;
  • fighters' generation;
  • fighters' attributes;
  • units' genes;
  • fighters' levels;
  • attacker / defender bonus;
  • random.
Because of the random the weaker team can actually win the battle. This, of course, does not correspond to the real world, where the strongest always prevails.

Users on CryptoFighters can not only play, but also earn. For example, the user can sell generals (15 thousand "Gen 0" units, which were generated before the start of the project) and get a good money. Because of this, there are suspicions that the players who found out about CryptoFighters before the rest, registered in the game only in order to get generals and then sell them at a high price.

There are also other drawbacks to the project. I could not find CryptoFighters WhitePaper, where all the features of the project would be described. All that is available is FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions. And, of course, is not all that players need.

The game CryptoFighters - not the worst, but not the best project among blockchain-based games. I do not think that this game will have a lot of fans. Community is already bored with such projects - everyone has played CryptoKitties enough and is waiting for something fundamentally new. And there are no unique ideas in CryptoFighters.


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So far, there are very few distinct characters. Only 4 types of units, and developers, in my opinion, are not going to create new ones. I would like to see at least 7-8 types of warriors, and playing with the same characters again and again is not interesting.


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Will CryptoFighters become just another project to make money for early users? It's not real to win something without generals. And there are few of them, and prices are constantly growing. Let's see what happen next.
"At last! Real battles on blockchain! "- I thought, and registered in CryptoFighters. Quickly assembled a team of 5 soldiers and started a battle. I thought that I would play myself, control the warriors and defeat everyone with good tactics, but... The player does not influence the outcome of the battle himself - only warriors' skills and a little luck are important. And the player can only sit and watch. Not interested.


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A very large fee for the sale of players on MarketPlace - 3.9%. Because of this, it is not profitable for me to sell units. And there is no more sense in CryptoFighters.


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CryptoFighters - another "clone" of other crypto games, which does not have anything special. The graphics are worse than on other platforms (for example, UnicornGo), the gameplay is also not impressive. Why create something that existed long before, but call other way?