News from UnicornGo – April 5, 2018


Staff member
Hello everyone!
Here is what we are doing today, on April 5th:
• Have added new contracts into the main net and tested purchase of plots of land;
• A function of purchasing land with Candy and ETH has been added to the Members Area;
• Working on minor errors and updating the genetic core;
• Actively working on a new design of the land page;
• Have completed basic unicorn filters;
• Also, completed the lightning node;
• Have made unique URLs for every unicorn page. As from now, you can just copy the link in your browser and send it wherever you want. The link will directly lead to unique unicorn;
• Also, we’ve got great news: you can already buy land in your Members Area! As from now, you can buy land for yourself (which will be used for growing trees) with Candy or ETH. A small nuance: there is limitation on amount of plots of land for each title, so if you want to buy big amount of plots of land, you will need to buy the corresponding title as well.