HashPuppies review


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Meet another cryptodoggies. Closed beta test of HashPuppies game started in March, 2018.

It is still rather difficult to understand what this project is. Users will be able to start playing HashPuppies only in August. WhitePaper and other documents about the HashPuppies could not be found either - there is only a FAQ section on the website with answers to a few questions about the game and AirDrop.

Due to the fact that HashPuppies will be launched only in August, there are serious doubts about project's prospects. There are a ton of cryptogames already, and with each day their number only grows. And the community, fed up with CryptoKitties clones, gradually loses interest in such platforms.

However, HashPuppies has one feature that distinguishes this game from any other. But it is not an interesting gameplay, design or economics of the project.

HashPuppies works on the NEO blockchain - the "Chinese Ethereum". HashPuppies developers want to ensure that their game will not stop working in case of problems with Ethereum this way. And such fears have grounds: CryptoKitties at the peak of their popularity occupied more than 10% of Ethereum transactions and because of them the network slowed down significally.

By using NEO to develop their project, the HashPuppies creators may have been able to increase its resistance to failures. But how will this affect the trust of cryptocommunity? NEO platform has worse reputation than that of Ethereum, and the popularity of this platform is not so great. Perhaps HashPuppies working on the NEO platform won't be so popular among. A lot of users would play with cryptopuppies if they were working on another blockchain.

The project did not start yet, and there is no specific data on gameplay and design. The HashPuppies website describes several features of the game:

  • each cryptodog will have a unique genetic code;
  • animals can be trained and their skills improved;
  • cryptopuppies can taske part in tournaments and win.

It looks like HashPuppies is another "clone" of CryptoKitties and other similar games. Perhaps, closer to the release date, developers will tell something about the unique features of the game. But I didn't notice anything in HashPuppies that did not exist in other games previously.


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In my opinion, HashPuppies developers stole not only the idea, but even the animals themselves from other games. After all, there is already CryptoPuppies project. I would not be surprised if someone tells you about two or three more games with cryptodoggies.


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I went to the HashPuppies website to have a look on the design. And it did not impress me. In comparison, for example, with UnicornGo, there's nothing to catch on for the eye. In terms of visuals it's 3 out of 5.
I doubt that NEO will withstand transaction volume that arises from cryptopuppies and a like. Even a much larger and more popular Ethereum couldn't cope with CryptoKitties. What will happen with NEO?


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I heard that a few months ago that the developers promised to launch HashPuppies in April-May 2018. However, the terms are now shifted to August. Something went wrong?