Puppy Planet review


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Puppy Planet - a new blockchain-based game.

The main location in the game has the same name as the project itself - Puppy Planet. Here all the dogs live. And every single one belongs to a certain user. Each puppy has its own territory, which can be expanded or lost. This happens through "battles" between puppies.

Since Puppy Planet is a crypto game, every puppy will be unique and different from other animals. The maximum number of dogs in the game is limited to 200 thousand. As soon as this mark is reached, new puppies will not appear anymore.

The game is divided into several "stages". Each stage is defined by the appearance of new "Gen 0" dogs (animals with initial parameters), as well as by slowing down the rate of reproduction of animals. In the first stage, 3300 "Gen 0" dogs will appear, in the second stage - 80% of the amount created in the first stage, and so on until stage 7, until the number of new "Gen 0" animals falls to zero. Reproduction will also gradually slow down and will finally stop on the 10th stage of the game.

Dogs can be sold and bought on thePuppyPlanet MarketPlace. The higher dog's are, the greater its price is. The animals' prices are set by users themselves.

The price of "Gen 0" animals will depend on these prices. They appear every 20 minutes and are immediately brought to the market. The price of "Gen 0" is equal to the average price of the last five dogs, multiplied by 1.5.

You can also get new dogs through reproduction. To do this, one just need to select two animals and press the "Breeding" button. An interesting feature of Puppy Planet - animals do not have sex, so they can be either dads or moms. Reproduction of dogs is not free - the player will have to pay for the Ethereum transaction to breed his animals.

The last interesting feature of Puppy Planet is battles between dogs. But in there is no "real" battles where the player's skill matters. The outcome is decided only by the stats of dogs and luck. Before the "battle" the owners of animals see their chances to win and make their bets. The higher the probability of winning is, the higher is the bet he needs to make. Then there is a "struggle", the results of which determine the winner. He takes all the money.

Puppy Planet, in my opinion - not the weakest blockchain game project, but it certainly lacks originality. In many respects this is a CryptoKitties "clone". And developers will have to seriously try to proof otherwise.


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In Puppy Planet, as I understand, you can not choose the look of the dog by yourself. This is a serious drawback in comparison, for example, with UnicornGo. After all, everyone who plays such games, wants a unique animal.
Another game without "salt". When will the flood of such projects stop? I would like to see something unique and interesting, and not just another clone of CryptoKitties.


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I can not say anything special about Puppy Planet. Just another boring project, there are several hundred more on the Web. I do not think that the developers of Puppy Planet will be able to achieve serious success.