Realms of Ether review


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In December 2017, another blockchain game, Realms of Ether, was announced.

Realms of Ether developers did not develop another game with cryptoanimals which is quite unusual. Instead, they created a strategy. Realms of Ether players will be able to build fortresses, create their own states, develop territories and seize fortresses of other players.

The idea is not new - hundreds of games have been released in this genre, most of them dating back to the mid-2000s. But in fact, the gameplay has nothing to do with strategies, and it boils down to trading, just like most other cryptogames. Nevertheless, the project has several unique features.

First, Realms of Ether, like some other blockchain projects, is an open source game. You can find it on the GitHub in the project's thread .

Second, the number of fortresses in Realms of Ether is limited. While the game is just gaining popularity, there can not be more than 1000 of them. When the number of participants reaches a certain value (exact number, incidentally, is not disclosed), new fortresses will appear every 15 minutes.

To start playing Realms of Ether, you need to deposit a minimum of 0.01 ETH. With this money you can buy your own fortress and start developing it. But to achieve any success in the game, you will have to invest a lot more money.

We need not to forget about the Realms of Ether graphics. Apparently, the game is developed not by a team of professionals, but by a few enthusiasts. They released an 8-bit game in 2018! Realms of Ether home page sends us back 25-30 years ago, in the era of the first computer games:

Although it is possible that running an 8-bit game is a conscious decision of the developers. They can count on the nostalgia of gamers who played just such games in their childhood and will want to experience the same excitement now.

There are no other interesting features in Realms of Ether. We are rather skeptical on the project's prospects. The maximum that Realms of Ether can realistically achieve - to become a kind of outlet for the "geeks" of old games. But most users are more demanding for both the graphics and the gameplay. And Realms of Ether will not be able to satisfy them.


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Perhaps the only real advantage of Realms of Ether - the willingness of developers (or developer?) to communicate with the audience. I do not see any other advantages. Graphics from the 90's and the genre of strategy (which is not even a strategy) which is dead for 10 years at least, obviously will not be able to popularize the project.


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I think that this game can only be saved by the fact that it is based on Ethereum blockchain. Users may think that this is some kind of unique project, and they will start playing Realms of Ether. Of course, then they will understand that this is a game from 1995, but developers by that time will already get everything they wanted from this game.
Honestly, all I see is a 5-page website that offers you to give away your money. There is no information about the gameplay on the web. Such a project can be done by one person in one day, and it seems to me that it is intended only to separate you from your money.