Pray4Prey review


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Pray4Prey - another blockchain gaming project, trying to capitalize on CryptoKitties hype

The idea of the game is very simple. The user buys fish, releases it to the aquarium and hopes that his fish will survive shark attack. If the predator eats fish, then you need to buy a new one. If the player is lucky and the shark did not catch his fish, his animal value is increased.

There are five kind of fish in Pray4Prey:

  • butterfly fish (cost - 0,01 ETH);
  • tuna (0.02 ETH);
  • goldfish (0.05 ETH);
  • perch (0.1 ETH);
  • devilfish (0.5 ETH).

The more expensive the fish is, the greater amount will be added to its value after the shark attack. But if the shark eats fish, then its entire cost is lost. And the probability of fish death does not change depending on its kind.

After each shark attack, a sum of 1 ETH is distributed between all fish in the aquarium. If after an attack in the aquarium there are 2 tuna and 2 butterfly fish, the tuna owners get 0.335 ETH each, and the players who own the butterfly fish - 0.165 ETH each.

The more fish is in the aquarium, the more often the shark attacks. The formula for calculating the number of predator attacks is (1 + the number of fish) / 100. This means that if 300 fish are swimming in an aquarium, then the shark will attack 4 times per day. And if the aquarium has less than 100 fish, then the shark attacks once per day.

The shark ears maximum 10 fish per attack. If there are less than 100 fish in the aquarium, then during one attack, the shark kills 10% of the fish. For example, if there are 70 fish, 63 will survive the attack.

To start playing Pray4Prey, you need to get the Ethereum wallet. Next, you need to replenish your game account through the MetaMask application and buy the required amount of fish. The maximum number of fish that a single user can acquire is not limited. The more fish a player has, the more he earns.

Initial fish value is equal to 95% of the purchase price. If you release butterfly fish you just bought to the aquarium , then it will be quoted at around 0.0095 ETH. And the perch's initial value is 0,095 ETH.

Pray4Prey prospects are uncertain. Someone, perhaps, will find the game interesting. But there are much more interesting blockchain gaming projects, which will be chosen by a large number of participants.


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Pray4Prey visuals is not impressive. Loading aquarium takes far too long, and for some reason there is no fish in it:

However, you can take look at them on the main page. And I can not say that I was particularly impressed with their appearance. In other projects (for example, in UnicornGo), game characters are drawn much more beautiful.
It seems to me that Pray4Pray is just another scam. Let's see if players can withdraw their money from the system. So far, Pray4Prey seems to be another "Ponzi scheme", in which only organizers and the very first users will gain profit.


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I tried to play Pray4Prey, and I was not very lucky - out of 3 fish 2 were eaten in the first attack, and another one survived only 2 attacks. Is it possible to win here at all?
In fact, this is not a game. This is some kind of online casino. You make a bet (buy a fish), and you hope that it will win (the fish will escape the shark). And it is impossible to influence the outcome, so, the fish fate depends solely on the desire of the developers. Gamers cannot be interested in it, there is no gameplay here. Calling such project "a game" is a deception.