Cryptodrome review


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Cryptodrome - one of many blockchain gaming projects, launched in early 2018.

Cryptodrome is another game with animals. Developers Cryptodrome decided to use not seals, dogs or unicorns, but horses. This is probably the only difference between Cryptodrome and other similar projects.

After all, the idea of the game is exactly the same as in other projects. The user receives the horse, develops it and participates in competitions. If the animal wins the race, the player receives an award in ETH and can spend it on developing the horse's skills. Also there will be an opportunity to withdraw funds from game.

How exactly will Cryptodrome look like, how the gameplay will be implemented, how much horses will cost and whether it will be possible to win, is unclear. Cryptodrome developers now have only a general concept. There is not even a WhitePaper on the game's website. Now there is a lending page, which has images of horses and links to social networks. I could not find any useful information on the Cryptodrome site.

And Cryptodrome accounts in social networks also will not please you with useful information. In Facebook and Telegram, the number of subscribers is barely over 50, and the latest posts are dated the beginning of February. The Twitter account is more serious - there are almost 8 thousand readers, and new posts appear every few days. However, these posts do not disclose the game content and gameplay: Instead, Cryptodrome developers prefer to repost messages about cryptoworld events and to advertise hoodies and other clothes with the project logo. By the way, a sweatshirt with the image of a Cryptodrome horse can be purchased on the official website for 49 euros.

It is too early to draw any conclusions about the technical aspects of the project - there is simply no information to do this. But the design can be judged now, and the Cryptodrome site consists of pictures of horses for 90%. Animals design is not that bad, but there are more successful examples among cryptocurrency games. For example, unicorns played by users of UnicornGo, are drawn much better than the horses on Cryptodrome.

Today Cryptodrome seems to be just another cryptocurrency game without anything special. It looks like the developers do not have a long-term vision for project's development, but have a desire to use hype around blockchain games. Is it true or not, we will see after the Cryptodrome release. Developers promise that this will happen soon.


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On the Cryptodrome site, I saw 8 variants of horses, but they all look pretty much the same. I think the developers would do well to draw other animal species, while the project has not started yet.


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Let's hope that Cryptodrome developers will take into account mistakes of their predecessors and will not repeat them. If they fail to do this, then I don't see any reason to play such a game.