Parsec Frontiers review


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Parsec Frontiers - one of the newest blockchain gaming projects. The idea of the game Parsec Frontiers appeared in the first quarter of 2018, and on April 27 Initial Coin Offering starts.

The main thing that distinguishes Parsec Frontiers from other blockchain games is the idea. This is not another game with animals that compete with each other and bring players a profit. Parsec Frontiers is an online game about colonization of the Milky Way and other galaxies by mankind.

Participants of Parsec Frontiers will be able to wage wars or conduct peaceful activities. For example, intergalactic exchanges, which will help participants to sell valuable resources and get the right equipment, will be available in Parsec Frontiers.

And competition in Parsec Frontiers is free-for-all. But users will be able to unite in communities to successfully wage wars or colonize new planets in the Parsec Frontiers universe.

A big role in Parsec Frontiers will be given to the blockchain. It will record all transactions between players. Parsec Frontiers blockchain will be decentralized - no one, including game developers, will be able to change it at their discretion. In order to work properly, all transactions between users will be conducted only with the project's cryptocurrency - Parsec Token.

Parsec Frontiers - project with an original idea. Projects of this level have not yet been implemented on the blockchain: Parsec Frontiers will be a pioneer in this field. However, this brings both advantages and disadvantages.

According to the promises of the developers, the gameplay of Parsec Frontiers is more complicated and more interesting than other blockchain projects. Yes, the advertising video of the game is very good, but it's impossible to create such a project with a small team. So far, the most difficult stages of the game development have not even started. We are promised an "EVE online-like" project, but hundreds of millions of dollars and team of hundreds of designers and programmers are required to develop a game of such magnitude. And even with such resources available development will take at least several years.

There is another problem. Game projects of Parsec Frontiers level have not yet been implemented on the blockchain. Because of this, there is a doubt that decentralized data networks will cope with transactions volume. Ethereum worked unstably after the launch of CryptoKitties, and there is no guarantee that the situation will not be repeated due to the launch of Parsec Frontiers.


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An interesting project, but it seems to me that the developers missed their target audience. Those who are interested primarily in gameplay and complexity of the game, will not leave the traditional PC and consoles yet. And the blockchain enthusiasts do not care about the quality of the game, but its simplicity, conformity to the ideas of decentralization and the possibility of earning money.


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Those who invest in ICO, will gain profit only after a few years, and only if development is successfully completed. If you heard about the game "No Man Sky" - it also raised money, the developers promised a cool game, worked for a long time, and eventually released a pile of crap. I do not know about you, but this project seems to me just as hopeless and without any guarantees.
The economics of the project is not yet clear. Of course, there are wars, exchanges, and other opportunities. But will ordinary player be able to take advantage of all this stuff? I'm for a simple and understandable economy - one that is implemented, for example, in the UnicornGo project.


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I think the game will be of tremendous scale. On the one hand, it's good, on the other hand, it will eat your money like breakfast. After all, the best players will certainly be those who donated heavily in order to take the best positions. And in this situation, ordinary users may not get all the fun.