Decentraland review


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Decentraland is one of the first games based on blockchain technologies. Decentraland ICO was completed in August 2017. And the idea of creating a project like Decentraland appeared even earlier - in June 2015.

Decentraland is a blockchain virtual reality game. Participants receive virtual land for their use and can do anything with it at their own discretion. They can build a building or another architectural object. Decentraland encourages the imagination of the player and provides great opportunities for creativity.

Like CryptoKitties, the creators of which transferred the idea of collectible cards to the blockchain, Decentraland developers were inspired by the game Second Life. It appeared in 2003. Each Decentraland user own a unique site with an area of 10 * 10, which is determined by one of the project's tokens - LAND. This cryptocurrency contains information about the coordinates of the site and its owner.

Another Decentraland project token is MANA. Its role is more understandable to the "wider" cryptocommunity. MANA is the money of Decentraland: with their help you can buy and sell sites. Also MANA tokens were distributed among the initial investors during the ICO.

The structure of Decentraland consists of three "rings":

  • an internal "ring" is needed for events and exhibitions that are managed by the Decentraland community;
  • the second ring - land sites put up for auction (this ring is necessary to form the real estate market on Decentraland);
  • the outer ring - the districts of Decentraland (there are several dozens in the game, the full list is on GitHub).

Developers of Decentraland plan to create a full-fledged virtual reality. Here the most iconic objects of the real world can appear: Times Square, WTC towers and other buildings. Virtual world begins to form now: Users of Decentraland are assisted in building construction by freelance designers from the Ethlance platform.

But for now Decentraland project is not the most impressive blockchain game, The idea appeared in 2015, and the time passed until it was practically implemented is unacceptably long. It is also unclear whether there will be demand for land plots in which participants are investing real money now. After all, if the number of users does not increase, it will be a failure of the project and a deceit of existing participants expectations.


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I think the launch of Decentraland will finally overload the Ethereum network. After all, there will be a lot of transactions, and Ethereum network is struggling with the load right now. Perhaps the developers of Decentraland should postpone the launch of their project for a bit, otherwise everyone will suffer.


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The rate of MANA cryptocurrency fell from almost $ 0.25 to $ 0.1. Apparently, the players were disappointed in the project and began to sell their tokens.
I read reviews about Decentraland. Many people are sure that this is another scam and there aren't any prospects. Judging by the fact that the rate of their cryptocurrency is falling, this is likely true.