NovaBlitz review


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NovaBlitz - blockchain-based card game, which was released in July 2017.

NovaBlitz is basically a blockchain clone of HearthStone. As in HearthStone, players have to collect cards. The more card the user has, the higher his game status is.

You can obtain cards in several ways. For example, you win or buy them from other players. You can win a card in a battle with one or more users. If the one's cards are stronger than the opponent's, he gets his cards.

Players in NovaBlitz can choose two tactics:

  • to go first - in this case, the player can implement his own strategy;
  • or to go second - this strategy is more suitable for players who are accustomed to adjust to opponents and neutralize their moves with their own cards.

Battles in NovaBlitz take place within the framework of tournaments. To win the tournament, one has to beat several users in a raw. Tournaments in NovaBlitz start several times per hour, and the time of one fight is no more than 5 minutes. The developers of NovaBlitz believe that it is advantageous to distinguish their game from HearthStone, where one tournament can take 3-4 hours.

Every month new cards appear in NovaBlitz. They are distributed among owners of NVT tokens. The more cryptocurrency the user has, the more unique cards he receives. Thus, NovaBlitz uses Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

At the moment, there are no other projects like NovaBlitz implemented on the blockchain. This is the main advantage of the project. But there are also problems that NovaBlitz will have to face.

The first problem is the Ethereum limited bandwidth. At the moment the Ethereum network can handle only 10 transactions per second. Developers NovaBlitz assume that at its peak the game will generate 3000 transactions every second. This is 30 times the power of Ethereum.

The second problem is the cost of one transaction in Ethereum blockchain. Today, one transaction costs $ 0.05-0.1, and the fees will only increase. If this situation stays, playing NovaBlitz will be too expensive for users.
NovaBlitz is an interesting project, but its full implementation is possible only after solving largest Ethereum network problems. If this does not happen, the game will not become popular.


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NovaBlitz does not allow to think before the next move. You need to play quickly - sometimes you do not even have time to see other players did. It is convenient for those who like to play fast, but you can't talk about any tactics when playing NovaBlitz.
I tried NovaBlitz back in 2016, when the alpha version of the game was tested. Of course, you can't bash the first release, but it was very uncomfortable to play. The whole game was placed in one small and inconvenient window, and NovaBlitz interface is overburdened.
Because of games like NovaBlitz, Ethereum is doomed. From the platform for creating blockchain-based applications Ethereum turns into a service for online games! It seems to me that this is far from the best use of Ethereum capabilities, and developers of blockchain-games are better off looking for another platform.