Tron Dogs review


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In early 2018, blockchain game Tron Dogs was launched.

The project immediately stood out among its competitors. However, this was not due to the unique features of Tron Dogs. But due to the fact that the game was developed by the creators of Tron cryptocurrency - one of the most successful ICO projects of 2017. Tron for a while even was among top ten tokens by capitalization, and now it is holding rather well in the 13th place.

However, the game itself did not bring nothing new to the world of blockchain entertainment did not bring. In fact, this is "just another CryptoKitties", only with dogs. Players are invited to buy an animal and take it to their house. Then the dog, if you're lucky, can sell can be sold at an increased price.

And if in other similar games animals can fight each other and develop, in Tron Dogs there is no such thing. All that players can do in Tron Dogs is to buy and sell dogs. There are no other activities in the game.

Animals in Tron Dogs can fall into one of four categories of rarity:

  • common;
  • rare;
  • epic;
  • legendary.

The less common the dog is, the more expensive it will be in the future.

At the start of the project (in January-February 2018) all animals cost the same - 200 TRX. Therefore, players could buy expensive dogs at a low price. However, not everyone was lucky: epic and legendary dogs were distributed at random.

One of the main advantages of Tron Dogs, which distinguish this project among other blockchain games, is the presence of a mobile version. Mobile version was released February 2018. In mobile version you can do everything you can do in the computer version: buy and sell dogs in stores.

We think that after the Tron Dogs functionality is expanded (and developers promise to add mini-games with pets, ability to create dogs you'll like, to feed animals, exchange dogs and much more), the project will become more popular. There is nothing special in Tron Dogs - it's just another blockchain game and there are dozens of exactly the same projects.


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Tron Dogs is a clone of CryptoKitties, and it is popular only due to the fact that its developers also created Tron. But this does not mean that the game is just as good. In my opinion - there are more interesting projects, which should get audience first.


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The game was very disappointing. Wait until the stores are open, and snatch unique dogs from under the nose of other players, I do not find too much of an interest in. And there is nothing more to be done, because even playing with pets and competing with other users is impossible.
The only thing I see positive in Tron Dogs is the possibility of making money (and this is only a vague possibility). But after all, we want a cool story, cool gameplay and quality graphics from the game, not some "chance for money".


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Well, even if someone wants to have pictures of dogs and is ready to give real money for it, it's definitely not me. Until now, I can not understand why people invest in blockchain games. After all, almost all of them don't have a plot whatsoever. Is the word "blockchain" still working on users like some kind of magic?