Kryptowars review


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Kryptowars is another blockchain game, released in 2018.

This is a classic strategy similar to a lot of games that were popular in the middle and late 2000s. The player's task is to develop an army and to defeat opponents in battles.

Kryptowars game world recreates the real states of the planet Earth. The player can command the armies of the USA, Italy, France and other countries. The larger the country is and the more developed its army is, the more it costs. Hammer price for some states was 7-8 ETH even when the Kryptowars project has not become popular yet, and only a few knew about it.

The number of states in Kryptowars is strictly limited - there can be only 100 of them. But after the developers realized that the game for 100 people is pointless, "territories" appeared in Kryptowars. These are parts of countries, and the inhabitants of "territories" are soldiers of the state to which their land belongs. The number of "territories" is constantly increasing, so that new players can register in Kryptowars - there is a place for everyone.

Users have the opportunity to develop their army. However, they need to invest money to do this: The new weapons and soldiers improvement are not free. The more soldiers the army has, the more funds have to be spent for their development. However, the chances to win the battle (and hence to seize new territories) also increase.

Kryptowars graphics is much better than most other blockchain games. There are tanks, helicopters, drones and other military equipment, as well as soldiers of different armies and of different status in the game. The developers have tried to come up with an individual design for each vehicle and each warrior. Of course, their appearance is inferior not only to traditional PC-strategies, but also to the best blockchain games, but overall the developers of Kryptowars have achieved an impressive result.

The idea of Kryptowars is quite interesting - the developers did not copy Cryptokitties, but went their own way. Implementation is also quite good: the advantages of Kryptowars include the ability to develop warriors and equipment and quite interesting battles. But it is too early to talk about the prospects of the game, it has too few players yet.


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How do owners of "territories" interact with those who learned about Kryptowars before and managed to acquire whole countries? I think this causes a conflict of interests among players. And this clearly does not benefit Kryptowars.
The blockchain strategy is, of course, an interesting concept, but will the decentralized data networks withstand necessary amount of transactions? After all, Ethereum did not effectively cope with CryptoKitties, but here the impact will be much greater. Kryptowars developers should think about how to fix the situation, otherwise the game will not "take off", and the community will not forget and forgive.


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As I understand, there is no actual combat gameplay in Kryptowars. Players do not fight each other as it should be in a normal strategy game, but just sit and wait until the computer gives one of them a victory. This, of course, is good for those who are accustomed to win through donations, but does not know how to play. But skilled gamers clearly won't be interested in Kryptowars.