Etherions Review


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Another blockchain game launched in January 2018. The project is called Etherions.

The main characters of Etherions are dragons. Players collect them and can develop them if they want to. There are battles between dragons that become available when the animal acquires certain skills and experience.

The development of the "etherion" (the so-called dragons in Ethereions) starts with birth. In the first days of life, the "etherion" is constantly asleep. But its development can be speeded up with the a help of a brother-dragon with whom he can play. However, to do this you have to invest more money in the game and buy two dragons instead of one.

When dragons play, they improve their skills and gain experience. Soon they will be able to fight other animals. However, the old "Eterions" are more experienced and more powerful, which gives them an advantage in the struggle. But, the maturation period is still limited to 30 days - as soon as the dragon becomes older than 1 month, it stops further development.

It is worth noting that the combat system Etherions is not in its final form yet. Developers currently are looking for ways to improve the battle interface and to make fights more interesting for players.

"Etherions" can not breed - this is the main difference between Etherions and other blockchain animal games. To start developing a dragon, you need to buy in in its infancy. Other ways to obtain an "etherion" are not available.

This was done by developers on purpose. They position Etherions not as a strategy game or a military game, but as a platform for collecting. It is supposed that the "eterions" will eventually become more and more expensive: developers have limited the maximum number of dragons in the game, with each animal being unique and different from all others.

Etherions is a good example of 3D blockchain game. Therefore, to play Etherions, you need to have a powerful graphics card. You will also have to install the MetaMask application (works only in Google Chrome) and to start WebGL.

We are rather skeptical about the Etherions project prospects. Yes, there is 3D graphics, but this is the only distinct feature of the project. There is nothing more unique on Etherions. Games where you need to collect various cryptoassets already exist. And Etherions project does not stand out among them.


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Yes, it is possible to arrange battles between dragons, but the main point of Etherions is collecting virtual animals. So the gameplay is not well thought out, although there are 3D-models. I think that the game has no prospects - it is just boring.


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To start playing Etherions, you have not only to install an additional application, but also to get a good video card! No thanks, I'll choose something simpler and more interesting for myself, and there are plenty of blockchain games.
I started playing Etherions, and my newly hatched "Eterion" is always asleep! Because of this, it does not develop and does not become more expensive. And I do not want to buy another dragon, so that they would play together - it's going to be a little expensive. It turns out that I can not develop the first "etherion" in any way?


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Absolutely meaningless game! In Etherions, there is no point and only a little bit of gameplay. The idea of the game is to collect "eterions". It seems to me that it will not be interesting to anyone.