News from UnicornGo – April 10, 2018


Staff member
Hi all!

Here is our very short news for today, April 10:

• We have released a beta version of the game and are currently working on corrections, minor bags etc.;

• Also, we’ve started working on a notification system for our unicorns. What will it look like? The notification system is going to be a kind of dashboard which will allow users to see the whole history of his/her operations: history of purchases, sales, breeding; the user will also see unicorns he/she obtained as a result of breeding with other unicorns; there will be fighting history etc. In other words, the history will be a thorough history of all operations performed in the game and the user will see a clear picture of what is happening to his/her pets at any given moment of time.

Well, that’s all for now. The news is short because we’ve got the ultimate goal for now, that is, to complete release #1. We are actively working on it at the moment.