🦄What to do if buying of the unicorn is pending for long time


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It may happen that you bought a unicorn a few hours ago, and it is still not in your account. Let's see what it depends on.
Speed of transaction (buy unicorn) depends on Gas Price. This is the commission of the Ethereum platform for making a transaction and it is constantly changing!
To find out the current price at the moment you need:

On the Main Page https://etherscan.io/ in the top right corner click the MISC and GAS Tracker tab or just click HERE)

On this page you will see what is currently the commission on the transaction (purchase unicorn). For example, in the screenshot below is the Gas Price - 2 Gwei. Also indicated time - 169 sec (2 min. 49 sec) this means that during this time will pass the transaction and you get your unicorn! The schedule shows that if you put 3 Gwei, the transaction will be even faster!

Gas Price is specified in the MetaMask:

If you purchase unicorn you indicated Gas Price - 1 Gwei, and it varies from 3 Gwei or higher, then you will have to wait a very long time your unicorn!

- Gas Limit - 300 000+
- Gas Price - 3+ Gwei

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