The world of unicorns. The game UnicornGo is able to radically change our perception of reality.

We have an excellent news to everyone!
Now we have a strategic partnership with the UnicornGo project. Our neurointerface will help each person to fulfill a dream of your own magic unicorn! By out neurointerface you will got a unicorn who will be able to feel and understand you. And will even be able to become your avatar, so you will be a unicorn!
“…Mostly due to the level of technologies and developments that will form constitute the functional aspect of the game. It’s hard to believe, but the main characters of the game the unicorns will read your thoughts and even be able to become your avatar. About how this will work to, we were told scientists, — creators of the platform for projects with mental control. direct project manager Nikolai Sviridov and technical director Dmitry Lazurenko…”

Amazing Neuro future almost here! Stay turned and you will have more news.

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