CryptoStamps review


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In early 2018, everyone who is interested in blockchain technologies got the opportunity to collect cryptostamps.

The project CryptoStamps revived the popular hobby of the 70s and 80s. This is a blockchain platform where everyone can buy, collect or extract digital postage stamps.

In reality, of course, the participants of CryptoStamps do not collect real stamps envelopes of different countries, but simple images. But such projects now appear in dozens, which means that there are users interested.

In CryptoStamps, you can exchange stamps with other participants, as well as buy them on the marketplace. In addition, cryptostamps can be extracted.

The main feature of CryptoStamps is that each stamp is unique. If the stamp is issued once, then it can not be issued again for any user. This, by the way, distinguishes CryptoStamps from "classic" philately - no mail service will produce unique stamps only to satisfy collectors. But, apparently, the developers of CryptoStamps did not look on real mail services, but on other cryptocurrency projects with collectibles.

The CryptoStamps project has a group on Facebook. Descriptions of unique brands were published there almost every day until the 20th of March, as well as prices for them (usually 0,02-0,04 ETH a piece). News about the development and prospects of the project were also published. However, the last post was made on March 24, and after that there were no updates for three weeks.

In addition, if you try to ask Google to search for the CryptoStamps site, you'll know that there's nothing to be found. The address of the official resource is in the Facebook group, but when you click the link, the following message appears:

Thus, we see that the site is disabled, and the project does not work.

Does it mean that CryptoStamps is another "scam"? One can not be totally sure of it. But the fact that the team disconnected the site (or did not pay hosting for the extension) and no longer make posts on Facebook, clearly does not indicate something good.

Most likely, CryptoStamps had problems that prevent the project from developing any further, and the team decided to close it.


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The business model of projects like CryptoStamps still remains incomprehensible. It is not the best way to success - to draw some pictures (no matter what pictures - animals, buildings, or postage stamps) and expect that someone will buy them. It's no wonder that the CryptoStamps site is no longer available - apparently, the development did not "take off".


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There is nothing to say about this project, it kinda doesn't exist. On the one hand, it's bad that this was another scam. On the other hand, it's good that it happened quickly, and not so many people suffered.
The situation with CryptoStamps is another instructive story for those who still want to invest money in projects only because they have the word "blockchain" in their name. It's time to remember that this word alone does not give anything - a high-quality business idea, a cool team and resources are more important. And CryptoStamps apparently lacked any of these.


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When I found out about CryptoStamps, the site was still working. I read a bit of it, and I even did like some of the stamps. However, when I decided to buy them, the site has already disconnected. Well, I think it's good for me - I saved a few ethers and I'll spend them more useful.