Ledger Legends


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Ledger Legends - another blockchain game, released in 2018.

The idea behind Ledger Legends is not new. This is the place where players fight each other with their cards. A participant who managed to outsmart the opponent and win two rounds (in a battle of three rounds) wins the game and receives a prize.

Ledger Legends is developed by Gwent. In parallel with Ledger Legends, developers are working on Gwent - a game with exactly the same gameplay that will be released for Windows, XBox One and PS 4 this year.

To start playing Ledger of Legends, you need to go to the site, register and install the MetaMask extension. Next you need to buy cards and call out any opponent.

During the battle, each participant can have 20 cards. They come in four categories:

  • Units are the most common cards, there are two types (attacking - damage opponents, defending - protect against damage);
  • effects - increase units attack or defense;
  • spells - single-use cards that provide several different effects simultaneously;
  • monsters - single-use cards, whose impact is greater than that of units.

Playing cards in a certain order, you need to achieve superiority over the enemy. If this happens, the winning player receives a prize.

The Ledger Legends gameplay, of course, is far from perfect, but it's better than most other blockchain entertainment projects. But the design issue is more complicated. Gaming cards are quite nice, but the eye has absolutely nothing to catch on:

Cards of the same categories almost do not differ from each other in appearance. The difference is only in color. Even the units themselves are absolutely the same:

Now Ledger Legends is in the early beta test. Perhaps, closer to the release of the final version, the creators will work more on the visuals and make the cards unique. But for Ledger Legends is difficult to play: the player may not even see which card is laid out on the table, and because of this is capable of making a mistake in an important move.


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The idea, of course, is good, but the implementation is mediocre at best.. I would like to see a better game, which works steadily and pleases the eye. And today developers still have a lot of work to do if they want to make Ledger Legends a popular game.
I'm not sure that the project will succeed in winning popularity. Those who are interested in gameplay and good graphics, will play Gwent or Heartstone, because they work on stable platforms and are easy to understand. And blockchain fanatics, who do not care what to play (if only there is the word "blockade") have been breeding CryptoKitties, collect collectible buildings and are engaged in some other incomprehensible things for a long time already.


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It was not pleasant, that Ledger Legends creators consciously limited tactical possibilities for players. Many are accustomed to playing with skipping moves to get a better position. But Ledger Legends does not allow this - if the player folds, then he loses the round. I do not know why was this done. I think that most will not agree to play by such rules.