Steempunk review


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The first blockchain-based MMORPG game - that's how developers called Steempunk. But is this really so?

Steempunk is a game that is "embedded" in Steemit. You can play directly on the Steemit site you only have to install a special plugin. And the first drawback of the game is obvious from the very beginning: Login and password to the plugin need to be entered manually every time. there is no "remember me" function.

After you log into Steempunk, you can call out the enemy to fight you. This is quite simple: You should go to the profile of the participant and click on "Attack", the battle will begin immediately. You can be attacked by any member, and will have to go to the battle in this case, too.

There are two types of game characters on Steempunk:

  • adventurer - has low initial skills, but he improves all skills equally well;
  • aristocrat - has a well-developed mental capacity and is a master of strategy, but has no physical strength.

Each character has six basic stats:

  • Protection - determines how well the character resists attacks;
  • strength - the more strength a character has, the more damage he can inflict in one blow;
  • Dexterity - if this skill is developed well, the character manages to perform more actions in one turn;
  • experience - with a well-developed experience, the character uses his skills more competently and achieves a greater result;
  • Constitution - this parameter determines how well the character resists physical and mental damage;
  • education - characters with a good education are able to use more sophisticated weapons and solve quests with which characters with poor education cannot cope with.

As WhitePaper says, the Steempunk combat system is the cornerstone of the whole project. This is not surprising, because in the MMORPG players have to fight with each other and get benefits from this.

However, WhitePaper v.1.0 has already been released, and there is still no clear description of the combat mechanics. It is indicated only that the battle outcome depends on five parameters:

  • strength;
  • protection;
  • dexterity;
  • experience;
  • activity on Steemit.

That is, the result of the battle depends not only on the character stats, but also on how much the player is active on Steemit. The more comments he writes and the more "likes" he puts, the more likely it is that he will win.

Steempunk is the first blockchain MMORPG project, and, perhaps, because of this, users will forgive its many flaws. But in today's form, this game is very "rough".


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In my opinion, it's a very weird game. It seems to me that to be the first blockchain MMORPG, it should be all large and exciting, but WhitePaper is only 8 pages. And most of the document is devoted to describing the characters and bonuses that players can get for "flooding" on Steemit. Probably, it is important, but I would like to learn more about the game mechanics.


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It seems to me that the developers, focusing on all sorts of bonuses and characters, just mask the flaws of the game mechanics. It seems to be in its infancy and may be completed only after the launch of Steempunk. Or not. Therefore, I think that you should wait at least 6-8 months, and only after that start playing.
Only 2 character types? This is very small for a project that wants to become the best blockchain MMORPG. I think the developers should create at least 3-4 character types, and it won't hurt to improve the gameplay at the same time.


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I was not too lazy, got into the FAQ and found that not every comment on Steemit will be counted in the battle. For example, if a player writes something like "cool post", then this is not a "quality" comment (in the understanding of the Steempunkdevelopers ) and will not help in combat. But what comments are considered "quality", I did not understand.