Mooncatrescue review


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Mooncatrescue is one of the first blockchain games. The project started in August 2017.

Mooncatrescue is an example of an amazing trend when the most advanced technologies and developments that we used 20-25 years ago combine together. Mooncatrescue is an 8-bit game with a look from the early 90's. Whether this was the developer's original idea or they simply could not create a more modern product, we will never know. But it's obvious that fusion of the blockchain and the 8-bit design today is not perceived by users.

According to the Mooncatrescue plot, there are more than 4 billion kittens on the Moon. They live happily, but their existence is threatened by a solar eclipse. Mooncatrescue developers offer a chacne not to kill kittens and save them from the Moon.

For a kitten to be saved, it must first be found. To do this, Mooncatrescue uses an algorithm that is very similar to mining in Ethereum. The player needs to use the computing power of his computer to find a kitten. As the developers assure, the search lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. The higher the computer's performance is, the faster it is possible to detect a kitten, even though the result is influenced by luck. All the same as in mining.

Once the kitten is found, the user can decide what to do with it - pick it up or leave it. If the player saves the cat, then he needs to come up with a name for it. If the animal did not like it, and you want to find another, then you can leave the kitten in the adoption house, and other players will take it from there.

You can choose not spend your computer resources to search for a cat, and immediately go to the adoption house and purchase a kitten. One animal costs about $ 0.5 in Ethereum gas.

By the way, in Mooncatrescue there are also unique animals - Genesis Mooncats. There will be only 256 of them, the creators produce such cats in batches of 16. Genesis Mooncats from the first batch cost 0,3 ETH a piece, in each subsequent round their price increases by 0.3 ETH in comparison with the previous one.

What to do with cats after their adoption is unknown. There are battles between animals in Mooncatrescue, cats cannot be developed either. Apparently, players can only hope that the next CryptoKitties will become popular among collectors, and in the future, they can be sold higher.

However, the probability of such an outcome is very small. There are dozens of projects like Mooncatrescue and society is gradually beginning to get bored by blockchain euphoria. A year ago, only a single mention that blockchain is used in the game, would cause a tremendous hype, but today it doesn't matter that much. And besides the blockchain, there is nothing that could interest potential users in Mooncatrescue.


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In my opinion, the appearance of the cats in the Mooncatrescue is awful. Just take a look:

Of course, I understand, 8-bit games, nostalgia ... But is it so much in demand today? I think that players now want exciting visuals in the game, and do not want to return to the 90s.


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Another game without an idea and without real prospects. Seriously, does anyone still buy crypto-animals, hoping to sell them higher in the future? The project has nothing special in it, which means that kittens will not go up in price. But, apparently, not everyone understands that yet.


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Mooncatrescue developers clearly stated in the FAQ that this game is their first project. Therefore it is not surprising that they did not create anything stunning. Maybe in the future, they will come up with something cool, but Mooncatrescue clearly is not the game you want to play more than one or two hours.
The only advantage I see here is that you can get a kitten for free, after just a little bit of mining. But why do I an animal (even a free one) if I can not do anything with it?


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It's interesting, but where do the computing powers that players spend on searching for cats go? After all, there is no need to confirm any transactions, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum. I think the developers should tell the audience about it.