Own A Number review


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The epidemy of collectible blockchain games continues. Own A Number creators decided not to bother with creating collectible objects and offered their players to collect ... numbers!

Probably, Own A Number is the only project today, whose members can buy their own number. Cryptocats, cryptohouses and cryptotanks no longer surprise anyone, but cryptonumber s are something new.

So far, the game is in test mode, and you can buy a limited number of numbers. All numbers in the range 0-100 are available, as well as some "exotic" numbers, which are presented in the screenshot below:

By what principle developers chose these "exotic" numbers - no one knows. But it seems that "exotic" numbers should cost more than "common".

To become a happy owner of your number, you need to place a bid on the one that you liked the most. Own A Number uses an auction system - one who offered the most money gets a number. The bids, and also nicknames of current leaders of auction can be looked directly on the page with numbers:

And to place a bid, you need to specify the selected number, the amount you are willing to spend (in ETH) and your username (or link):

If you still doubt whether you should spend your money on a number, the owners of Own A Number offer to read articles in Wikipedia about all numbers they sell. They think that if you learn more about numbers, you will immediately have a desire to acquire them. In addition, the FAQ has stories of murders that occurred in ancient Greece because of numbers. All this should, according to the creators of Own A Number, encourage users to purchase a picture with a number.

What to do with the number after that, developers do not say. Of course, one can hope that there will be someone who wants to buy the number from him and even pay him a lot of money. However, such a person is unlikely to appear, and all that Own A Numberplayer can do is to be proud that he owns a favorite number.


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I referred to the FAQ to know more about the project. Own A Number, just as I expected, doesn't have a WhitePaper. But there was a link to BluePaper. Intrigued, I crossed it and got ... on YouTube video with a Rick Astley"s song. Maybe its someone's joke, but I really did not understand the humor.
Why exotic numbers have designations like "N", "B" and others? Of course, I'm not very good at math, but something tells me that this is not numbers, but, at best, the designation of some sequences.


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The only thing that pleases me in Own A Number is the ability to withdraw funds if someone else won the auction. There is an opportunity to rethink and not to lose money, if you were lucky and there was a person ready to buy a picture for even more money.