Crypto Battle review


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Another blockchain gaming project Crypto Battle started in January 2018.

The game's idea is clear from its title. Users acquire monsters, upgrade them, join teams and participate in battles. The more victories are gained by the army of monsters that belong to the player, the higher is his rating and the faster his monsters develop.

To start playing Crypto Battle, you need to register on the site. But the page is currently unavailable:

Therefore, you will not be able to start playing Crypto Battle now. Perhaps this is a temporary problem, and the developers will soon eliminate it, but the project's reputation has already begun to crumble.

The game has the Marketplace, where anyone can purchase a monster. Prices vary between 0.02-0.07 ETH. It doesn't look so bad, but the army consists of many monsters, and a good-sized army of high-level monsters can cost quite a lot.

The most important thing is that there are battles in the Crypto Battle. After all, players buy monsters and develop them to beat others.

However, you can not fight in Crypto Battle yet - the interface is "under construction". It is known that the winner of the battle will receive 20% of the cost of the loser's monster and raise his rating. And the battles, apparently, will happen in the "one-on-one" mode:

I think that this seriously limits the Crypto Battle combat system's potential and will scare out players. After all, fighting of an army of monsters against an enemy army is always more interesting than one on one combat.

By the way, the combat system shortcomings are not the only problem the developers of Crypto Battle face. Difficulties appeared even earlier, when the creators of Crypto Battle began to sell monsters, before smart-contracts were written. Of course, then all transactions were canceled, the money was returned, and the launch of the project was postponed, but the damage has already been done.

There are no wars in games, there are problems with launching, but maybe Crypto Battle has at least excellent graphics? Ermmm, no:

8-bit graphics in all its glory. It's like the 80s again and we are playing Atari.

Let's summarize: Crypto Battle is just one of many in a series of similar cryptogames. Crypto Battle has no competitive advantages, and there were problems even with the launch. We do not think that Crypto Battle will succeed.


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What does it mean "Battle" without battles? I thought Crypto Battle had long been providing the ability to fight monsters. But it turned out that the "Battle Arena" section is still not working. Developers should hurry, or they will have to remove the word "Battle" from their project's name.


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As I understand it, monsters cannot be controlled during a battle. Players will only have the ability to watch how they "fight" with each other. And the winner will be determined by numbers. Perhaps, it's interesting for someone, but not for me.
I'm one of those who bought the monsters of Crypto Battle even before smart contracts were there. Money, of course, was returned to me, but I do not want to return to Crypto Battle again.
Why can not I register for Crypto Battle? Is it some kind of glitch? I would like the developers to quickly restore the registration form or at least to explain what happened.