SnapCity review


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SnapCity is a blockchain game for travelers. The game's goal is to accomplish tasks in different cities of the world and get paid for it.

The project has a large-scale WhitePaper, which describes all stages of the SnapCity development. The team also conducted the ICO in January 2018.

SnapCity offers several options for its users:

  1. To view "challenges" - SnapCity always has a map of nearby objects that have "challenges";
  2. To complete "challenges" - usually it means to come to a specific place and take a picture of it;
  3. To spend "challenges" - the developers of SnapCity assure that the coins of the project are accepted by the sellers of goods and services that are the game's partners;
  4. To create your own tasks - if a user has SnapCity tokens, he can spend them and create a task for other players in the game;
  5. To compete - SnapCity has important competitive element: the faster and better the user can perform the task, the higher rating and reward he receives.

All payments in SnapCity are made in SNPT tokens. SNPT is ERC-20 compatible token, which can be accepted as payment in stores and other institutions. It was possible to get 25000 SNPT tokens for 1 ETH during the ICO.

SnapCity allows not only to find interesting places and explore them, but also to solve important public problems. The developers believe that SnapCity users, photographing various places in the city, will conduct public control and thereby improve the environment around them.

SnapCity is one of the large-scale blockchain games, the development, and promotion of which cost a lot of money. It has a unique idea and a fairly good implementation of it.

However, applications like SnapCity can be created without blockchain technologies. Now there are a lot of such programs, and city residents and tourists use them a lot. Whether it was worthwhile to implement the blockchain in a product that works just fine without it is unclear. Perhaps, the developers of SnapCity decided to make a marketing move, to promote their project and to cover up some shortcomings, which may appear later.


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There were no such blockchain games before, indeed. But is it really a game? It is rather a system of quests and tasks that can be performed in cities. It doesn't look like a proper game to me


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For the game, the creators of which went to the ICO and raised a lot of money, expectations are higher than for other projects. Let's see what SnapCity will achieve in 6-8 months after launch. Although I do not expect anything spectacular: There is no unique idea, for some reason, they used blockchain, and the application is only available in Europe.


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I have some questions on spending SnapCity tokens. The developers claim that they are accepted by the partners of the project. But I have not seen a place where you can buy food or other goods for the SNPT. So, the only way to use tokens is to create your own tasks for other participants?
I would not say that crowdsale was very successful:

As I understand it, ICO is already over, and out of 4000 ETH they wanted they got only 231. Apparently, community is not very interested in SnapCity, and developers will not be able to implement all the functions they wanted.


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Half of all tokens after the ICO will go to developers! Have you seen at least one successful blockchain project, where creators received such a large share? It would be better if they spent tokens for platform's development. After all, if they leave a bunch of tokens for themselves, then the remaining coins are simply useless to anyone.