Costume review


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Costume is a new blockchain environment for all video game fans.

The developers of Costume plan to create a self-sustaining and fair ecosystem for different users categories:

  • Skilled players will be able to earn, increasing their skills and ranks;
  • miners will receive income for providing support for the system;
  • newcomers will be able to earn by developing their skills.

It is assumed that Costume will become a closed cyclic system, which benefits all its participants.

Costume differs from other blockchain gaming projects in that it is not just a game, but a much more global platform. Using Costume, the developers want to prove the viability of the new consensus algorithm - CPOS (Competitive Proof-of-Stake). It is based on the usual POS, but has also the rating of the most active nodes. The node that will sign the next block of transactions and get a reward is selected among them. But, the node should not only be included in the rating of the best nodes, but also meet all the requirements for them. If any violations are detected, the node's owner will have to compensate for all the income received.

The combat system is at the core of Costume. Players can fight each other if they gather a team of four. Each participant chooses an avatar. Then the battle begins, in which not only the skills and gear of the avatar are important, but also the tactical cunning of the player. To win constantly, you need to constantly improve the strategy, because Costume prevents the team from using the same tactics again and again.

You can take a look at avatars in Costume's WhitePaper. Here are a few examples:

Of course, it's much better than in most blockchain games (especially than in 8-bit projects). However, in "traditional" PC or console games characters certainly look better.

Costume - an example of a good blockchain game with an original idea. Here you can play with both beginners and experienced players. But the project has its drawbacks, which can prevent it from becoming something bigger and developing further.


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When I studied WhitePaper, I noticed that most of the document is devoted to the description of the CPOS algorithm. This is probably good and right, but not for a game. It seems that the developers have created the game, only to showcase the new consensus algorithm.


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It is not quite clear what to do in Costume. Well, it is clear that you can fight team vs team. But it is unclear how do avatars develop and what has to be done to improve them.


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The site looks good, but there are no game itself yet. And it is unclear when will it appear because developers have not even announced the ICO date. Wouldn't it be too late when they finally raise the money and finish development? After all, they will need six months at least, and by that time everyone will find a blockchain game one likes.
It will be possible to play Costume only in the fourth quarter of 2018, and even then it would be only a beta. I think it's too long, and it's better to find myself a game that's already there.


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In my opinion, the CPOS consensus algorithm, the WhitePaper is talking about, and the game itself are not connected in any way. Maybe this is not a drawback of the project, but why should we pay such attention to the new algorithm? After all, those who want to play a good game are interested in Costume, not blockchain-architects.