Crypto Zombies review


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Another "cryptogaming" project was launched recently. It's called Crypto Zombies.

Developers call it a game, although in fact Crypto Zombies is a platform with a completely different purpose in mind. This is the school of crypto programming, where everyone can learn how to create blockchain games.

Crypto Zombies is a free project where you can learn how to use Solidity language to create games on Ethereum blockchain. Crypto Zombies developers claim that their goal is to promote Ethereum and show the community that the blockchain can be used not only to store transactions data, but also as a basis for decentralized applications.

But why the project was named Crypto Zombies?

The answer is simple. The fact is that during the training students create their own Monster Factory. This is a proper blockchain game, which can be played immediately after completing the first class. In the second and subsequent classes, students add new functionality to their Monsters Factory, and the resulting project is not inferior to many popular blockchain entertainment platforms.

However, you can play Crypto Zombies as well. Anyone who successfully completed the course and created his Monster Factory, gets an army of characters and can use them to fight other users' armies. If the battles are successful, the player receives a reward.

Crypto Zombies is a completely free-of-charge project. Participants do not give a penny, but in return receive valuable knowledge about Solidity and begin to understand how to create decentralized games. There is an opportunity to take classes in a dozen languages, including English and Russian.

In total there are four classes in Crypto Zombies school:

  • Lesson 1 - Zombie Factory;
  • lesson 2 - Zombies attack;
  • Lesson 3 - Advanced Solidity concepts;
  • lesson 4 - Zombies combat system.

Everyone who studies at Crypto Zombies can track their progress and understand what they need to work on.

New classes become available to the user every week. You can study at any time suitable.

Crypto Zombies is quite an interesting project, but it can not be called a blockchain game. Or a game at all. This is a completely different development, not aimed at cryptocommunity as a whole, but only at those who have an interest in programming and want to create their own games.


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Why is Crypto Zombies called a game? After all, this is an educational platform, and the gaming part is only secondary. I think that developers should change their positioning and focus on the target audience more.


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An interesting idea, but the number of potential users is limited from the very beginning - not everyone who wants to play blockchain games, also wants to create them. And the name, which is not associated with the school or the training platform, is not good at all.


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Perhaps Crypto Zombies will succeed, but so far I do not think so. Despite all the advantages of the platform, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, there are only a few classes. In 4 lessons one can learn only the basic fundamentals of the Solidity language and learn how to create the simplest games.
I hope that other educational projects will appear in Crypto Zombies soon. There is no other way: if everyone will create the same thing, then there will be too many of identical games. So other projects that will be really interesting, will not appear.


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Something tells me that you'll learn nothing useful in the Crypto Zombies school. The site is not designed as an educational platform, but as a gaming one. And lessons are free, although the knowledge on Solidity is quite expensive now.


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I agree that’s a gaming one, and educational part is secondary…and no need to pay for lessons… And it has no relevance to blockchain. Let me remember…Not only ETH…MGO seems to be founded on blockchain (I was reading MobileGo started the partnership with Xsolla – after such news MGO will certainly be reminded more often!) Crypto Zombies is a platform that learns us creating games on ETH blockchain. But it’s not founded on it itself as I understand
You have a good idea about your game. However, if you want to success, you should take into account carefully because the potential users are quite modest. As you can see, RPG is very popular now, And, blockchain games are quite down trend. You can take a look at top1apk and see that the amount of download for RPG is high while the other games are modest.
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