Etherpoly review


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Etherpoly is one of the rare blockchain games, which creators did not make "another CryptoKitties", but tried to come up with something unusual.

Although its hard to say that Etherpoly is a completely unique game. Its novelty is that this is the first project of such type, implemented in blockchain. In general, Etherpoly is a classic "Monopoly", but based on modern decentralized technologies.

The first mention of Etherpoly dates back to November-December 2017, so it has been around for almost six months. Back then the developers of Etherpoly said that their project would be a rethinking of the classic "Monopoly" and will give an opportunity to play simultaneously with thousands of participants scattered around the world. In addition, as the developers assured, there will be real prizes for the best participants of Etherpoly.

However, it's mid-April 2018 now, and the game was not launched still. The official Etherpoly site is a one-page lending, and there is almost no information about the game:

Neither WhitePaper, nor FAQ, nor at least a short list with the main advantages of Etherpoly and the game rules is not here. The only information that can be found on the site is that only a month remains before the scheduled launch of the project. But the launch of Etherpoly in mid-May is not guaranteed.

However, it is not necessary to track information on the official website to receive news about the development process and the date of the game release, You can enter your e-mail into the form on the main page of the Etherpoly web resource, and the letters will be sent to this address.

There is no more information about Etherpoly in open sources, so one can only make assumptions on what kind of game it will be (and whether it will appear at all). So far only one thing is clear: the developers have an interesting idea and the desire to realize it with the help of blockchain technologies. Will they be able to do this (and if they will - would it be done well), only the time will tell. But for now the fans of "Monopoly"; and other people wishing to play it with partners from other countries, of course, can not be satisfied with the protracted development of the platform.


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The Etherpoly site is an ordinary one-pager that can be created in half an hour, no news about the game has appeared for several months ... Maybe the developers just forgot about their project?


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An interesting idea, but it seems that it will not reach the implementation stage. Although it would be nice to play "Monopoly" with fans of this game from around the world.


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The Etherpoly developers promise that in a month everything will be ready and it will be possible to play the game. But, it seems to me, if there are only 30 days left before the launch, WhitePaper should already be published as well as the project description. And none of these is currently present on the Etherpoly official website for some reason.
Probably, the first blockchain game, on which there is no information in open sources (excluding the list of games on Reddit). I think the creators of Etherpoly have to deal with this issue and hurry up with the development.


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Does anyone know if the creators of Etherpoly raised money to launch their project? If so, I would call this project a scam. However, I have not been able to find any information whether Etherpoly had investors.

I just discovered this topic by doing a google Search.

I've been working on an Ethereum project for the past year... it's

I noticed the .com wasn't available at the time, but the site was down. I didn't think there was actually another game with the same name, let alone a scam. is a 100% decentralized game in which users can acquire, improve and trade cities, while earning passive cryptocurrency revenues.

The game's economy has its own ERC20 non-mintable crypto-currency called OLY. Meaning that users that own a city earn OLY revenues every hour, and can use it to improve their cities, or to acquire new cities, which can be traded for ETH.

Please have a look at our whitepaper for more information :

Anyway, our game is definitely finished, and it's launching in a few days. There's also a beta until then, for those that are interested, just send me a MP.