Legend about the power of thought. Stage 2. Add some fiction to become reality

Innovative ideas appeal and fascinate. The technologies of the future attract your attention, force you to approach them, dispel your doubts, and create excitement and curiosity. Indeed, Basis Neuro products have made a claim about themselves. Neural interfaces are an object of interest for today’s population living with high technologies and inventions, and they attract the attention of the business community, officials, ministries and departments, as well as the media. Devices created by the Basis Neuro company have won top contests, and the team is holding negotiations with venture investors and business partners. How did it happen that yesterday’s lab studies on state procurement have confidently moved in the market direction?


Moving by the power of a dream
One day, wheelchairs and neural stimulators went far beyond the Kogan Research Institute of Neurocybernetics and were named Basis Neuro. The development and expansion was driven by a dream that born in a man named Nikolay Sviridov. He became the author of a great goal on the verge of reality and fiction. This was of no surprise, because science fiction is Nikolay’s favorite genre. Thanks to his aspiration for high technologies and the world of the future, he received technical education (Nikolay majored in quantum physics) and founded a business in information technology in 2010.

As a person with agile mind, at the same time capable of volitional decisions and moving forward, he felt he needed more space around him and was drawn to new horizons. In early 2015, Nikolay clearly realized that he needed a global task, a major challenge, a high goal. The search lasted six months, and one day during some evening book reading an idea about controlling mental commands emerged. The images of the world, where any action can be easily and effortlessly made by just a thought turned out to be so bright that it was decided — neural interfaces, here and now.

Puzzle solved
Nikolay went to his alma mater university to discuss his ambitious idea with his tutor. The professor responded and introduced Nikolay to people who could help. Unfortunately, the prospects for joint work turned out to be less specific than expected. New contacts failed to provide him full support, but they gave other recommendations. Finally, after dozens of meetings and acquaintances, Nikolay met Dmitry Lazurenko and Igor Shepelev — researchers who worked at the neurocybernetics institute lab on fundamental research in psychophysiology and developed support and rehabilitation devices for disabled people.

Perhaps, Nikolay’s idea may have seemed too bold to his new colleagues at some point, but they found a common language and understanding and, without looking back, decided to work together. The idea was to create a new type of device as neural interfaces for public use. A range of compact headsets would function as a control interface for external devices with the power of thought, a means of monitoring brain activity and a neural stimulator. This is a real breakthrough in interaction with the anthropogenic environment. It saves the world from constant manual contact with external devices and connects all features with the user’s thoughts.

The researchers involved their fellow engineers, Yuri Gusach and Vladimir Zolotukhin, in the work for a productive development process. The team faced a task to translate the results of eight years of scientific research and lab prototypes into new unprecedented user devices, which would fit organically into the common technological environment and match modern gadgets. Nikolay approached industrial designers with a clear and simple message: combine the latest iPhone, a smart watch and our device and it should be complete.

The task was also to present a solution superior to competitive products, some of which had already existed on the market for more than a decade. Fortunately, Basis Neuro initially had an advantage, because the existing devices were by and large not improved since their release, had no functions of neural control, or were designed to execute no more than two commands at best. Moreover, they did it by means of a muscular impulse, which was very inconvenient and did not satisfy the requirements of the mental control concept, and were too bulky, with uncomfortable “wet” sensors and helmets. Overall, they were only suitable for home use.

How we did it
We have been working hard every free minute, day and night, on business days, weekends and holidays. The team invested effort, time and their own money. We finally managed to create a biopotential amplifier. This meant no more need for a large electroencephalograph, as brain signals were read with the same accuracy by a small chip, and it was light and compact enough to be embedded in a wearable device. The headsets also had wireless communication with external equipment. The first sample of the control neural interface was created in 2016, and the lab presented a neural stimulator in early 2017.

Since then, the public history of the Basis Neuro neural interfaces began. The products were met with great interest and any suspicion instantly evaporated as soon as Nikolay and Dmitry placed a skeptic in a neural control wheelchair and allowed them to move using the power of thought. This happened to investors, journalists, and accelerators’ employees.

The Basis Neuro devices are the future that has already come, and they are becoming more powerful every day. Unlike the somewhat similar products from this niche, the lab’s neural interfaces are constantly being improved thanks to continuous fundamental research, in-house development and engineering.

Do you believe…?
The task of the neural interface introduction is a matter of a competent launch. The reality is that the medical market is not the best place for launching a high-tech product. As such, it makes sense to consider the consumer market. Since venture investors with experience, expertise and keen eyes are far from our company and out of reach for sustainable business interaction, the only way out is the ICO, which has its own specifics of communication with the audience.

The Basis Neuro team is a group of professionals inspired and fascinated by the mission of visualizing the image of the future. We are charged with energy and enthusiasm by the idea and philosophy of new approaches for a more comfortable and safe life. We are confident and determined to achieve our goals, and we will reach the finish line.

We need you to believe in us. Our urgent task is to approach as many people who are ready for positive changes as possible in order to communicate simple but important ideas to them. And we have something for doing so.

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