Neural interface will get the design by Tesla and Rolls-Royce


UnicornGO, a developer of a new online game closely integrated with blockchain and VR technologies, announced plans for cooperation with Basis Neuro in its blog and posted an interview with its founders Nikolay Sviridov and Dmitry Lazurenko in mid-February.

UnicornGO is an online game where users can create unicorn characters, raise them, feed, buy and sell game artifacts and even interbreed their pets.

The neural interface technology is expected to dramatically expand and improve game plots — the user will be able to control their character mentally, and the latter, in turn, like the entire game space, will accurately respond to the intentions and mood of the user, offering various options for activities aiming to deliver positive emotions to the player, like a real pet.

The idea implementation, first of all, requires to create a fully-featured device that will read the user’s brain activity indicators and transfer them to the game. Therefore, the companies agreed to make efforts to create a headset for the neural interface together.

The reason for optimism is the fact that soon after the decision on cooperation, UnicornGO informed its partners about the readiness of its colleagues from the Silicon Valley to work on the industrial design of the first Basis Neuro serial neural interface. These specialists have already worked on Tesla and Rolls-Royce design, so we undoubtedly expect to have some of the best examples of high-tech devices. The key saying of the Basis Neuro CEO Nikolay Sviridov used to be “put iPhone 12, a smart watch and a neural interface in the line and it should be complete”, but now, apart from that, you will perfectly look in the ultramodern and premium cars wearing your neural headset. The team of designers has already submitted some sketches, and they look amazing.

Basis Neuro has set a six-month deadline for the implementation of the joint neural interface development project, which involves the creation of serial models of neural headsets to monitor user’s state and control external devices. UnicornGO will get the right for priority integration with devices, and the Basis Neuro team will later develop and release serial neural stimulators.

Basis Neuro, registered in the Cayman Islands, is a company engaged in developing and manufacturing neural interfaces (devices for external interface control based on mental commands), as well as VR neural headsets for mental control in VR apps. The company’s own scientific lab has been constantly working on the company’s products since 2007, all technologies are patented.

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