Basis Neuro embeds neural interfaces in VR helmets

Basis Neuro has commenced a close cooperation with Total Vision, a Berlin-based international team of VR helmet developers with a Moscow representative office.

Total Vision has its own technology of creating virtual reality devices and takes on a full cycle of their production — from software to ready-made helmets construction.

The first contact was in late 2016 — Total Vision was interested in mental control technologies and proposed Basis Neuro to integrate the products of the two companies in order to introduce neural control in games and apps using VR helmets. The plan was to enable users to manage their characters in games through mental commands, as well as to control interfaces of various kinds of programs. The proposal was accepted as an interesting and promising one, and the teams entered into negotiations.

Basic issues about the nature and tasks of integration were solved in 2017, technological approaches were developed — for example, ways to combine electronics, software and design features of devices. However, time made its own adjustments. As soon as in autumn 2017, Total Vision made a new request — to produce diagnostic medical equipment in the field of ophthalmology based on VR technology and neural interfaces.

For eyesight diagnostics, a technique is used where the patient visually records the light flashes on the screen of a special monitor — this is how the vision field is checked and the problem areas are identified. The idea is that a person should see the image in the VR helmet for greater purity of diagnostics. In this case, the neural interface using electroencephalography will read P300 signals — the so-called event-related potentials, which the brain uses to react to visual stimuli, in particular. This will help to eliminate the subjectivity of perception and insufficient concentration of the patient — each flash will be indirectly recorded by the reaction of the patient’s deep brain structures.

The companies returned to meetings and negotiations this March, after Basis Neuro has held the ICO pre-sale, — first of all, the technical task of synchronizing the visual range and recording brain signals is being solved.

We will be able to witness a fully-featured application of neural monitoring in another area of medicine in the near future, within a year, — and this is a significant step forward on the way to full-scale implementation of neural interfaces.

Basis Neuro, registered in the Cayman Islands, is a company engaged in developing and manufacturing neural interfaces (devices for external interface control based on mental commands), as well as VR neural headsets for mental control in VR apps. The company’s own scientific lab has been constantly working on the company’s products since 2007, all technologies are patented.

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