Why we need the blockchain?

The amount of news and analysis devoted to blockchain is booming, so you are more than likely already familiar with it. Even if you don’t know anything about blockchain, this article will give you a clear picture of what it is and how it works.

Blockchain is a technology that makes processes and information in complex systems reliable and transparent. Blockchain is used when it is necessary to record the fact of an action or an event and protect its information.
It is not surprising that blockchain is most in demand for the sensitive issue of transferring funds. Cryptocurrency has become a technology that introduced blockchain in all fields.
Blockchain can be implemented in the field of the Internet of things, data management, public administration, the energy sector, and even in video games.
Chronicled is a San Francisco company that has launched a blockchain platform for the Internet of things, aimed at improving the consumer experience. As part of the project, the Ethereum-based blockchain stores the identification data for physical items, such as consumer goods and collectibles with built-in BLE and NFC microchips. This enables the creation of digital identifiers that are safe and compatible with many other systems. This opens up opportunities for new ways of interaction with the customer based on their proximity to the item.
The founders of Energy Blockchain Labs claim that the company is the only enterprise in the world whose activities are entirely devoted to the full cycle of creating added value in the energy sector. Founded in 2016 by three experienced specialists in the field of energy, finance, and information technology, the laboratory works on cutting-edge solutions, including joint projects with other companies aimed at developing a number of blockchain-based energy Internet technologies that solve problems in the field of energy generation and consumption, trade, management, etc.
But have you heard anything about blockchain in the field of neural technology? Okay, first things first — let’s find out what neural technology is.
Blockchain in the field of neural technology

Definition of neural technology
Modern neural technologies seek to shape a new paradigm that excludes mechanical interaction with the surrounding infrastructure, and allows one to control devices and data through mental commands. It must be noted that this is not futurism but the reality of our present time — there are already laboratories that produce equipment for recording brain signals. Such neural devices can interpret the patterns of brain activity and translate them into commands for controlling external devices, as well as detect the current mental state of a person based on data of their brain activity.
The special task of reading and interpreting brain signals is solved by neural interfaces — devices equipped with several sensitive sensors, computing chips and wireless communication. They read the electrical activity of the brain, which is further deciphered and transmitted to the equipment under control. All this happens in one device that the person wears on their head. Moreover, thanks to the Basis Neuro developments, you will soon be able to try on the neural interface yourself — the company designed it as a convenient everyday gadget. It is stylish and functional and capable of greatly expanding your capabilities, time, and energy. The neural interface is able to monitor the brain activity in real time, schedule a perfect daily routine, and maintain the optimal work-rest balance.

Why is blockchain needed here?

Collection of information
Algorithms are among the foundations of neural interfaces. The most complex mathematical models and methods for deciphering electroencephalograms can correctly identify a person’s condition and intentions that they transmit to the device in the form of electrical signals. Of course, the big data are even deeper in this process — the parameters of brain activity directly encoded in a numerical format — the samples from which models learn and improve the algorithms for classifying brain patterns.
Researchers need to measure the processes of mental activity on real people to have enough initial statistics for analysis. Where can we get a sufficiently large, so-called valid sample of experimental data in order to build adequate and efficient models?
Basis Neuro created its own digital platform to solve the problem of transferring valuable information from users of neural interfaces to their developers. This is a large-scale virtual space, where sites will be launched to exchange data and technologies, fix financial transactions and conclude transactions, and develop and scale products.
In particular, data on the brain activity of people who regularly use neural interfaces can be stored directly on the platform. The problem often lies in the fact that not everyone is willing to openly transfer his or her biometric parameters for research. To implement the project, it is important that users trust neural technology and are not afraid to pass on information about the processes taking place in their body, including their brain. In our case, the risks are minimal, since such information is not personalized and is encrypted in a special way. Blockchain and neural biometry merge at this stage.
The fact is that personal data is not required. Our task is just to collect as much information about the thinking activity of people as possible, in order to launch an artificial superintelligence on its basis, which will help us to solve complex strategic tasks by taking control of resources on an unlimited scale. However, fortunately or not, it must be said that this problem is from a completely different area and requires other data. Therefore, by a twist of fate, our mission is exclusively humane — the developed system is designed to improve the user experience and improve the overall living standards.
If we continue the topic of trust, then blockchain as a system that ensures anonymity is very suitable for solving the issue of providing individual biometry. Nobody knows to whom exactly the data belongs, but their arrays can be easily processed, providing qualitative research results. Blockchain will be the drive for new discoveries in the future, as it allows to transfer information safely and anonymously.

Digital user identification

Using blockchain for digital user identification through a neural interface is also a relevant issue. Fluctuations in the waves of brain activity in each person are in many respects unique — the neural interface learns to recognize its owner in the process of interaction with them, after which the data on authorization can be recorded in the blockchain distributed registry at the request of the user.

Token payments to the interface users

Efficient platform development is only possible with further large-scale research of human brain activity. In the foreseeable future, hundreds of thousands of people will use neural interfaces in everyday life and work. All users will be able to voluntarily transmit data about their own brain activity for research and be rewarded in tokens. The blockchain use at this stage will allow efficient and autonomous payments to users, which will reduce transaction costs.

Documentation of copyright and information storage

Blockchain has shown its efficiency in documenting copyright for patents and technological developments. The use of blockchain in the project is required for documenting copyright on intellectual property of developers that shape our platform ideology, and produce their own services, products and apps on the Basis Neuro platform. It will also document the facts of purchasing development kits (SDK) and licenses.

Creation of an open corporation and optimization of business processes

To increase the efficiency of business processes, settlements with investors, users and consumers of the platform products will be made using the local currency — the BNST token. Those investing in the Basis Neuro platform will see and receive real revenue, as data on the number of goods and services sold will automatically be recorded in the blockchain of the Basis Neuro token. As such, conditions for absolute transparency and reliability of business processes are created for investors at the ICO stage.

We have convincingly shown through several examples that blockchain is a technology compatible with scientific and practical developments in the neural industry. It also provides ample opportunities for technological progress and sustainable growth, creating a reliable foundation for the company development and visible competitive advantages.
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