Elon Musk tries to physically open the brain, but why? Part 2.

Following science fiction in movies and books, we accept it as almost inevitable that our imperfect body is waiting for an “upgrade”, perhaps including some introduction of chips like in the Matrix, if you remember — everything was in Neo’s head there, literally (the port connection), and in his mind.

But working with consciousness and expanding the possibilities of brain activity (and the whole body through it) is possible without access to the matrix — through stimulation with non-invasive technologies.

Non-invasive technologies

To date, two technologies of non-invasive recording and stimulation of brain activity are the most widely used:

1. FMRT (functional magnetic resonance therapy) is based on monitoring the intensity of blood flow in various brain regions involved in information processing. The most active regions consume the most oxygen and therefore are supplied with a larger volume of blood.

2. EEG (electroencephalography) — sensors installed on the scalp surface record electrical activity in various brain regions. The results are displayed as a two-dimensional graph of wave-like oscillations.

Unlike surgical intervention, these methods allow to interact with brain structures and its neural networks systemically. They monitor complex thinking processes involving the interaction of many neural chains and vast brain regions.

A relevant solution from Basis Neuro

The famous name of the world-famous innovator Elon Musk is, of course, a great help in developing technologies and the market, but the NCI field is currently quite saturated with prominent players who, despite their relatively small capitalization, can hardly be called startups in reality. In particular, a number of research teams are working on the technologies of mobile devices, including the Basis Neuro laboratory, which has impressive experience. Fundamental and applied research has been carried out in the laboratory, patents have been obtained, and innovative software and hardware complexes in the field of neural interfaces have been developed since 2007.

The non-invasive nature of interaction with the neural set developed in the lab is absolutely safe for users. It avoids any active electromagnetic effect on humans and their brain, as well as any interference in mental processes, the mind and logic of decision-making.

Technologies available to Basis Neuro already allow the classification of specific brain signals in real time at a higher level than the analogue ones. Specialists have developed fundamentally new learning algorithms in this field that are able to promptly determine the EEG patterns stably produced by humans. These are suitable for use as commands for controlling external devices, which solves one of the most important problems in the development and dissemination of NCI technology. The lab has determined an important factor in the technology development: an efficient neural interface must rely on the constantly developed and regularly verified and calibrated database of decoded EEG patterns.

Aside from the root technological component, one of the key advantages of Basis Neuro is the integrated approach and perspective view on the integration of neural interfaces into various aspects of life. This is not just an invention but rather a large-scale concept that includes the strategy of applying new devices in many industries, as well as containing a structural approach to business and technological integration.

The potential of the neural interface application covers a number of key industries:

● Medicine. Rehabilitation of patients who suffered a stroke, expansion of the possibilities of fully or partially immobilized patients, rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment.

● Education. Improving the quality of the educational process, due to the introduction of neural monitoring and neural stimulation technologies.

● Neuromarketing and behavioral economics. Understanding the reactions and emotional states of the buyer, neural interfaces deliver invaluable feedback, allowing to debug the existing technologies and offer people totally new opportunities and services.

● Smart home and IOT. Software based on neural interfaces can be created to manage smart home systems from various manufacturers.

● Games and VR. A new control channel for gaming apps that does not require motor control from a user.

● Monitoring of a person’s psychophysical state. Today there is already a need for systems that will monitor the psychophysiological and emotional state of specialists in dangerous occupations, the efficiency of one employee or a group, the state of people with depressive disorders, or cognitive impairments.

Moreover, Basis Neuro is a platform that provides multiple integration with device manufacturers and software developers in several areas: technology of brain control over devices, technology of monitoring the psychophysiological state of the carrier, and technology of the brain activity stimulation.

The standpoint of client preferences and the challenges of the future

Altogether, this forms the prospect of the large-scale introduction of wearable neural devices, which provide a connection between consciousness and thinking with high-tech interfaces, just as familiar as our gadgets, which have become an integral part of the modern human life.

The balance between interaction with products of civilization and the natural state is vitally important for our health and comfort. Unlike the pronounced invasion of human nature by implanted sensors and controllers, disturbances to your personal space and attitude, mobile neural devices let you build your own rhythm of life with care, and provide benefit at your own discretion.

Interacting with a lightweight and convenient set is as easy and comfortable as with a smartphone or any other device the user is in direct contact with. It gives freedom and control over everyday and working processes.

In the very near future, we will undoubtedly become pioneers, and not much later — ordinary users of neural interfaces, and this non-invasive technology will provide us with this new reality.

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