🦄If you have Candy Coin, but still can't buy a unicorn


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After you have purchased Candy Coin, to buy a unicorn first of all you need to enter Candy Coin into your Game account.


1) Go to the site https://play.unicorngo.io/owner
2) In the lower left corner, click on the button ADD
3) Choose the right amount of Candy Coin
4) Click CONFIRM
5) Wait for a while until Candy Coin will be credited to the Game account
6) If the number on the Game account has been replenished, then you have done everything correctly(y)
7) Now buy unicorns 🦄

P.S. The transfer of Candy Coin from the General account to the Game account is also a transaction and is subject to Commission, so to save money it is recommended to enter immediately the required amount of Candy Coin. For example, if you are going to buy 10 unicorns, enter 250 Candy Coin into the Game account at once.

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