Not all neuralstimulators are “equally useful”

Let’s reveal the obvious: not all #neuralstimulators are “equally useful”. There is nothing to be afraid of, just don’t expect the declared results.

Stimulation is not a placebo but a result of a long-term, scientific study of brain regions that we conducted at #BasisNeuro to create a #neuralstimulator. But you should carefully look at what is declared for impacts and results. Spoiler: it’s not that simple that you can “press the magic button”, and sometimes a project’s PR prevails over its efficiency.
For example, we found two exhibits in Vegas at CES 2018 — Modius Neurovalens and Mindd Ybrain — which are particularly interesting for their declared capabilities.
Modius from Britain claims it helps lose weight, and this is why it was dubbed the “electronic hunger quencher” in the media. The problem of the device is that the declared effect on stimulation of the vestibular nerve located near the ear through a weak electric current causes nausea. The developers explain that electrical impulses delivered to the brain through the nerves change the hypothalamus activity and convince the brain that its weight should be much lower than it really is. As such, the body should start intensively burning fat.
In fact, virtually all brain regions are interconnected, representing a very complex network. For example, the vestibular system has its own projections on the hypothalamic nuclei, the excitation of which leads to an increase in the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system, including the activity of the cranial nerves, which causes pronounced vestibulovegetative reactions: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, increased heart rate, sweating, and falling blood pressure. These are classic symptoms of “seasickness”. In other words, the action of the device is probably based on the formation of weak symptoms of kinetosis (motion sickness). You would agree that you do not want to eat when you feel sick. The developers haven’t made long-term tests with the device yet, but the hope is that the electronic quencher of hunger will be safe for health at the very least.
The second exhibit, Mindd Ybrain from South Korea, according to the creators’ assurances, is able to efficiently combat the symptoms of depression, not any worse than compared to pills. The Mindd gadget is able to stimulate the #frontal lobes of the brain using #tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) technology. The inventors promise efficient treatment and no side effects.
This technology of non-invasive brain stimulation itself has sufficient expertise and is widely used in clinical practice. The creators have conducted preliminary clinical tests over 4 years, which showed an efficient reduction in the symptoms of depressive syndrome in patients who used the Mindd band. Overall, the confirmation of the long-received data and the development of a tissue band with a saline soak weren’t worth $9 mln. The problems with this product are more specific. Firstly, it is not functional to wear outside the house, with closed windows, and at night; and secondly, a moistened band will spoil the hair, and would have a better contact with a bald head. Not sure about South Korea, but in the rest of the world it is rather inconvenient and not everyone has a bald head for this device. Besides, the creators need more time, until 2019, for its “improvement”.
Why do we discuss the drawbacks so readily? Because we have already passed all these stages and our #neuralstimulator has existed since 2017. The working prototype of the neural stimulator BasisNeuro using the technology of non-invasive, transcranial, direct current exposure is ready for mass distribution, as it is a convenient device for wearing anywhere and specialized gel electrodes that leave no traces. It is also clinically safe and has all the possibilities of stimulation: energy for sports, reducing stress, improving concentration and attention. Perhaps you will even lose weight, but not due to the brain stimulation: just by itself, when your brain vibrations and sleep are in harmony.