A game that you will certainly like!

At least once in life, each of us wanted to relax and just play video games. This industry is now developing especially fast: virtual reality helmets and glasses are emerging, while the image and sound quality brings the user ever closer to the actions in the game.

According to statistics, 58% of Russians play video games — this is more than half the country! And the number of purchases of virtual reality glasses is growing day by day.

People are not satisfied with simply pressing the gamepad buttons, they want to be as involved as possible in the game and feel that it is happening not with a fictional player on the screen, but with themselves.

This feeling has been made possible through the use of neural interfaces, but what are the benefits of such technologies?

Of course, it is managing any character with the “power of thought,” while not necessarily doing any physical action.

The game itself knows what you want and adjusts to your desires. You want more running? — The game will give you this opportunity. You like shooting? — Great, the developers are always ready to give you more rivals and new weapons for a more comfortable game.

You will never be offered a level that you cannot pass. Now the game will be really interesting and unique for every user.

You will wear the same virtual reality glasses or helmet, but they will have a neural interface inside that will make all these things possible.

The question is: where can we get this technology? Does it even exist?

Yes, such a solution already exists: it is offered by Basis Neuro. Like other companies, Basis Neuro has been developing neural interfaces, but the team of developers went further. A platform for service companies was created, allowing the use of neural technologies to manage any device. A smartphone, a game console, your “smart home” — now they all can be controlled by the “power of thought.” At the same time, the developers of these inventions have no need to worry about the complex technical component or a difficult integration process, but simply engage in the familiar production and promotion of their product.

The Basis Neuro team will launch a public PRESALE as soon as February 21. The date for the ICO launch will be announced later. The project promises to be successful, because the company provides many advantages to the token holders:

· discount for purchasing the SDK license and the neural interface (20% Presale, 10% ICO)

· bonus at the PRESALE stage, namely the receipt of WhiteLabel (if tokens for $10 thous. are bought. It will be more expensive later, around $50 thous.)

· strategic partnership in case of a large amount of investment, i.e. priority consulting on the implementation of developments and participation in the expert council of the Innovation Fund

Besides, the more tokens the investor has, the more licenses for product creation the developer gets. Each device requires a new license.

Overall, the Basis Neuro token is an excellent instrument for speculative trading on the stock exchange.

It’s time to invest in a new generation of neural interfaces.

image: https://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/enders-game-640x396.jpg