A really smart IoT for you

How many times have you left your home and forgotten to lock the door or turn the iron off? Or maybe you left a washing machine running and are afraid of a leak?

How often have you lost your house keys or forgotten them somewhere?

How many times have you returned home with a feeling of overwhelming anxiety?

Well, each time you thought that it would have been great if the apartment could be opened and locked without a key, and the iron could turn off by itself, the window could shut when you are cool, and the kettle boil every time you want to have a coffee.

Science fiction?

Not at all. Ray Bradbury thought about it in his story “There Will Come Soft Rains,” which was written back in 1950. Did he know that today this would be called a “smart home” and become an integral part of daily life?

But technological development forges ahead: the “smart home” control via a smartphone is a thing of the past, and you can control your apartment “by the power of thought” now.

Peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about everything in the world any longer — just think that you need to turn the stove off and it will happen in your apartment.

Do you always lose your house keys? Now you do not need to use them. Your house will hear your thoughts and unlock the door for you. The brain impulses are unique and can identify you without any other “physical” principles: retina or fingerprint scanning. Your EEG will be stored in blockchain, which makes it safe for storing sensitive user data.


Returning from work late at night, we often think of a cup of hot tea, fresh air in the room, or a warm homemade dinner. What if thoughts were material and our home could fulfill such simple desires?

Smart home knows your mood. It will turn the lights off and mute the sound if you fall asleep. You came home tired? — Your home will order your favorite food for you. Stressed? — It will fill the tub and turn relaxing music on. Depressed? — It will create a cozy atmosphere. Your home always knows what you feel and want. It will always be the most comfortable in the world for you.


When we forget to turn the lights off or unplug the charger, we see this in our electricity bills. Mentally controlling our smart home, we can save not only time, but also money.

But how is it possible to mentally control a “smart home”?

The neural interface technology can be used to do it, and can already offer a ready-made product to the society.

However, most still cannot be integrated into every device, and the scope of use leaves much to be desired.

Many developers are trying to achieve the desired result, but so far only Basis Neuro has provided a ready-made solution.

Basis Neuro is an open platform for service companies and developers that allows creating products and services based on the Basis Neuro neural interface, which has advanced functionality and is able to communicate with any device, whether it’s a smartphone, game console or a “smart home” control center.

You just need to put a tiny headset on your head and you will be able to control your apartment both from inside and at a distance.

On our side, we are always ready to provide the BasisNeuro platform to producers with such tasks for a quicker, more comfortable and efficient implementation of their goals:

1. We already have working prototypes using all of the above-listed technologies of monitoring and electronics adjustment to behavior, as well as real mental control.

2. Basis Neuro specialists, who are engineers in neural cybernetics, continuously work on research and technological development.

3. We have already made and fixed the mistakes that others may face.

4. We are striving for common efforts for the viable implementation of technology in products, but of course we always respect the copyright interests of our partners.

Besides, we are constantly working to minimize wearable gadgets to provide users with convenience and comfort.

More: www.ico.basisneuro.com