The future today.

According to Google, the query “buy virtual reality glasses” was several times more popular than the query “radio controlled device” over the last two years. Year after year, day after day, new technologies are replacing existing ones. Time zips along, and the era of using neural technologies and brain-computer interfaces approaches.

Neural interfaces are already actively used in many fields of science, medicine, and technology and have undeniable advantages over their predecessors.

Just imagine being completely immersed in a video game, controlling the character by the “power of thought”. Another example: you are really stressed before an important event, but neural technologies in the form of a small headset on your head help you calm down. Miracle, you’d say?

Not at all! Neural interfaces can be integrated anywhere — virtual helmets, headsets of operators, headgear — or even as an independent device. All this already exists, and different companies offer many solutions.

For example, NeuroSky created a neural interface that can read a person’s condition, play video games and perform neural stimulation on the brain. It’s all thanks to the tiny interface on your head, which can transmit signals to any controlled device, whether it’s a game console, a computer, a smartphone, a wheelchair or even artificial implants.

However, only Basis Neuro has its own platform that provides any business with a ready-made solution for the use of neural technologies.

For example, if Nike wants to create a new headband with a built-in neural interface, signals from which are transmitted to the smartphone and tell a person about his/her brain activity when exercising, all it will need to do is buy the Basis Neuro product and launch the solution production. Basis Neuro will take over all the technological difficulties, while Nike will deal with the familiar product promotion.

Such a solution is suitable for any industry, which makes this platform absolutely unique and the interface –highly functional and indispensable.

From our part, we are always ready to provide the Basis Neuro platform to producers that have such tasks for much quicker, comfortable and efficient implementation of their goals.

1. We already have working prototypes using all the above listed technologies of monitoring and adjusting the electronics to behavior, as well as real mental control.

2. Basis Neuro specialists, who are neural cybernetics engineers, are continuously performing development and technology research.

3. Along our way, we have already made and corrected the mistakes that others may face.

4. We are striving for common efforts for the viable implementation of technology in products, but of course we respect the copyright interests of our partners.

We are constantly working to make the smallest, most wearable gadgets to let our users enjoy only convenience and comfort.

Neural stimulation of the brain, neural control of devices, and neural monitoring of a person’s condition can all be done today through the Basis Neuro interface, and tomorrow any service company will be able to integrate such technologies into existing products and services.