Basis Neuro — a new generation of neural technologies.

We have all considered how it would be great to control any device with the “power of your mind”. This has become real with the advent of neural interfaces — all you need is to put a mobile headset on that reads your brain signals.

This technology is still in the development stage, and only a few companies can offer a ready-made solution for mass use. However, these products are limited in functionality and do not meet the expectations of users. To create a truly high-quality neural interface, manufacturers lack experience, a significant number of real tests, and a more scientific approach to research. However, one company has all of this today: Basis Neuro.

The team has developed its own platform for service companies and developers, enabling the creation of products and services through a neural interface. This platform is completely built on its own algorithms and electronics, and all the solutions are original and patented. Despite existing analogues having been on the market since the early 2000s, they are behind the demands of consumers in terms of technology.

The Basis Neuro solution can be applied to any field or industry — be it entertainment, education or medicine. Besides, the project offers three areas of use: neural control, neural monitoring, and neural stimulation. Using these Basis Neuro technological and scientific advantages, independent developers will be able to create systems for health monitoring, smart device or smart house control, games and entertainment projects controlled by the “power of thought”, as well as gadgets controlled by thought commands.

Basis Neuro has been developing neural technologies for more than a decade, and today it is ready to provide the widest functionality of the neural interface in comparison with other companies thanks to its own, patented algorithms for neural network learning and multiple tests. The Basis Neuro team already has a working prototype ready to be launched in mass production as soon as early 2018.

This is why the Basis Neuro team will LAUNCH the ICO project on January 10. The plans are to raise $97 mln during the ICO, which will be used to develop and promote the platform for developers of products and services in the field of neural technologies, as well as the development of their own products.

Investors will get access to this technology, and get a discount and priority to purchase a neural interface, i.e. the opportunity to be among the first to use the finished product.

Basis Neuro: neural interfaces of a new generation for services and products.