AI cars

Media hype about the new #Nissan #neuroproject is partly just hype, since it’s not really a neural interface of a #car #control like #BasisNeuro, as our capability control will be completely through #mental #commands, rather than just “tracking activity of the driver’s brain.” In simple words: the #AI in this version from the automaker will monitor whether you fall asleep, but with the BasisNeuro neural interface, the car’s control is completely mental, and AI will be able to correct the commands if necessary. The #Future is here!

Developers from NISSAN have created algorithms that improve the work of the car’s artificial intelligence (AI) that is responsible for unattended driving. The new #artificial #intelligence #IMx is capable of learning the specifics of the #driver and passenger #behavior to interact with them in the most efficient way.

The system is capable of quickly learning and understanding what the driver and passengers need at the moment. The ProPILOT autopilot system is able to take control of the trip from of the driver. Having studied the owner and passengers, artificial intelligence will automatically plot the trip routes. Besides, the system will offer passengers and the driver entertainment information and multimedia content based on their interests and preferences. Thanks to several cameras and microphones built into the interior, the artificial intelligence will carefully monitor passengers and listen to their voice commands, trying to interpret them correctly. Besides, the new #Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology registers the brain activity of the driver in real time and transmits it to the car’s on-board computer. Meanwhile, the driver must put on a special helmet equipped with electrodes. By studying brain activity, the car is able to analyze and anticipate the actions of the driver during unattended control, and in case of danger, the AI corrects the #mistake in half a second before the driver does so. As such, the company intends to significantly improve the #safety of driving, while maintaining direct #control over the car by humans.

Nissan IMx is still just a #concept, but the manufacturer assured that it is only two or three years from serial production.